Thanks to all residents who participated in the public engagement for this project. Final traffic safety plans were presented to Council on September 17, 2019. The result of this project is a comprehensive traffic safety plan intended to address current and anticipated traffic concerns in Heritage Hills.

These final plans were chosen based on resident input from the Open House and Online Survey.  

Heritage Hills Community Traffic Safety Review 2019 - final report (2.8 MB)

Heritage Hills neighbourhood entrance

Strathcona County will continue to monitor traffic speed, volumes and operations in Heritage Hills after the new school opens to evaluate the effectiveness of the traffic safety plan.

Highlights of the Traffic Safety Plan

  • Speed cushions on Highcliff Road
  • Driver feedback signs on Highland Drive east of Highland Way
  • Warning signs for trail users at the Highland Drive crossing
  • Speed cushion and raised crosswalks on Heritage Drive
  • Trail crossing pedestrian upgrades at Highland Way
  • All-way stop at Heritage Drive/Highland Way 
  • Playground zone revised to school zone at Heritage Drive
  • Signal timings reviewed at arterial access points to Heritage Hills
  • Curb extensions at Highland Way and Highcliff Road
  • A Community Peace Officer has be assigned for traffic enforcement at the school and a school traffic management plan has been developed through the School Traffic Safety Partnership
  • Pedestrian upgrades at the Highland Drive trail crossing Highland Drive/Highland Way intersection 

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