The Glen Allan Traffic Calming Project was initiated in 2015 to reduce traffic speed, improve pedestrian safety and decrease shortcutting through the neighbourhood.

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The Glen Allan Traffic Calming Plan was developed and approved following an extensive public engagement process that took place from March to September of 2015. Final recommendations were officially approved by Council at the October 20, 2015 Council Meeting.

Glen Allan Traffic Calming Study Final Report (12.8 MB)

An open house and online survey were undertaken in June 2018 to gather resident feedback about traffic calming installed to date, share traffic data collected in areas that have had traffic calming features constructed and to present potential amendments to plans for remaining traffic calming locations.  

Based on public feedback and 2018 traffic data collection results, the following updated traffic calming plan has been developed for remaining streets.

Glen Allan Traffic Calming 2018 Project Update Report (2.6 MB)

Project history

Speed data collected in Glen Allan in 2014 showed that, at times, traffic was moving faster than the road had been designed to accommodate. In addition, many residents in Glen Allan expressed pedestrian safety concerns due to speed and high traffic volumes in the neighbourhood, particularly on Glenbrook Boulevard. To address these safety concerns, an engineering-driven traffic calming project began in March 2015 in north Glen Allan.

Because traffic calming on one street has the potential to affect surrounding streets, the traffic calming process considered other roads in the area in addition to Glenbrook Boulevard, including Galloway Drive, Graham Road, Georgian Way (from Glenbrook to Gatewood) and Gatewood Boulevard.

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