The term "jughandle" refers to a type of intersection where some or all left turns are relocated away from the intersection itself to an alternative roadway(s). 

By eliminating left turns at major intersections, jughandles free up signal time, allowing more vehicles to travel in the prevailing direction. 

In locations where there is heavy traffic, a jughandle has these benefits: 

  • Shorter traffic signal cycle times 
  • Reduced traffic queues and wait times 
  • Reduced traffic congestion 
  • Improved traffic flow/coordination along the arterial road between signals 
  • Safer operations 

Examples of jughandles

Jughandle operations are used successfully at intersections in Strathcona County and elsewhere in the region. At some of these locations, all left turns are relocated from the major intersection. At others, only some are relocated. 

  • Left turn at Baseline and 17 Street
  • Yellowhead Trail at 142 Street, Edmonton
  • Yellowhead Trail at 66 Street, Edmonton
  • 51 Avenue at 99 Street, Edmonton

Intersection left turns at Baseline and 17 Street

In 2005, a jughandle configuration was constructed at the intersection of Baseline Road and 17 Street.

Image showing how the intersection jughandles at 17 Street and Baseline Road works

The improvements at the intersection of Baseline Road and 17 Street were based on recommendations from the County's Transportation Planning Study. These changes were made to improve the flow of traffic through this intersection. Please watch for signs and traffic signals.

Further information:

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