Township Road 550 Upgrades

Township Road 550 in a summer day

Township Road 550 is planned to be upgraded between Range Road 220 (north) to Highway 830. The Township Road 550 upgrades will help provide a safe and sustainable roadway to help support growth.

Proposed upgrades include constructing 1m wide shoulders on the existing roadway, improving the roadway asphalt surfacing, and providing gentler ditch side slopes. The original road is 7.0m wide, has no shoulders and has steep slide slopes. These characteristics make it difficult for vehicles to pass each other, and the steep side slopes add collision severity risk for vehicles leaving the roadway.

Intersection improvements will be constructed at Range Road 221 (south) and Highway 830/Township Road 550 intersection and is proposed to be converted into a four-way stop.

Map of Construction Area (1.9 MB)

Public meetings

A public open house was held on March 13, 2019 at the Josephburg Community Hall to present project information to residents and stakeholders. A copy of the presentation materials can be accessed here:

Open House Presentation March 13, 2019 (14.9 MB)

Project timeline

This project is currently in the design phase.

Project phases are planning, design, construction and completed. Currently in design phase.

This section of road will be upgraded to a Class 1 Roadway and will move to construction once land acquisition, utility agreements, and regulatory approvals have been completed.


  • March 13, 2019: resident open house to learn more about the project and the proposed upgrades and construction impacts.
  • Spring 2019: finalize roadway design, complete land acquisition, and obtain utility agreements.

Project contacts:

Transportation Planning and Engineering

Consultant contact:
Ryan Betker, Project Manager
McEhanney Consulting Services Ltd.

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