Range Road 210, from Township Road 550 to Highway 15 will be upgraded to a Class II road to improve the safety and sustainability of the roadway and to support traffic volume. 

The upgrades include: 

  • Widening the current 6-6.5m roadway to a 7.5m roadway 
  • Improving the roadway to an asphalt surface 
  • Providing gentler ditch side slopes, where possible 
  • Replacing the bridge just north of TWP Road 550

Proposed typical cross-section upgrades (1.0 MB)

Range Road 210

Project timeline

2024 update

The project is now substantially complete and the roadway is fully open for travel.

Remaining work includes:

  • From Township Road 550 to 552
    • Roadway deficiency repairs
    • Minor ditch clean up and grading work
  • From Township Road 550 to Highway 15
    • Relocation of Fortis poles and ditch clean up once relocated

Project contacts:

Transportation Engineering and Operations
Phone: 780-417-7100
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Fred Greenhough, Manager
Al-Terra Engineering Ltd.

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