Trans-Canada Trail - Petroleum Way Funding

Inter-Pipeline Ltd. (IPL) approached Strathcona County seeking options for utilizing a portion of the Petroleum Way road right-of-way. Initial meetings noted an existing 1.5 metre wide Municipal Reserve strip as a potential option providing some additional road right-of-way could be secured. In order to confirm this option, IPL provided the funding for the County to undertake a Functional Planning Study for Petroleum Way, which determined that the current road right-of-way exceeds the County’s requirements for a future road upgrading. 

On May 6, 2014, County Council approved a road closure bylaw for a paralleling 1.5 metre wide strip to the Municipal Reserve parcels, which Land Management Services is in the process of amalgamating to create 3.0 metre wide parcels, and will be granting a utility right-of-way to IPL.

In exchange for the utility right-of-way, IPL has committed to provide the County with a $1.5 million contribution to complete approximately 3.2 kilometres of missing Trans-Canada Trail. The future construction along Petroleum Way from Streambank Avenue linking to the Strathcona Science Park entrance on 17 Street will complete the multi-use trail network between Sherwood Park and the North Saskatchewan River valley in the City of Edmonton.

Transportation Planning and Engineering is planning to design the trail in late 2016 and construction in 2017 once the Northeast Anthony Henday Drive (NEAHD) project is complete (November 1, 2016). As a component of the NEAHD project, the existing Petroleum Way tunnel will be replaced by three bridge structures, wide enough to accommodate the 2017 trail construction and future Petroleum Way road upgrading.

Last updated: Friday, December 01, 2017
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