Centennial Community Housing Servicing

The Centennial Community Housing Servicing project designed and constructed infrastructure services for the future community housing development in the Centennial area. The location of the Centennial area is on the west side of Sherwood Drive, north of Lakeland Drive and south of Highway 16. Servicing will include an industrial collector roadway, water service, sanitary service, storm system, and a stormwater management pond.

Map of construction area (183.8 KB)

All construction of the Centennial Community Housing Services project is complete. There will be a two-year warranty period for the final lift of asphalt, ending in 2022.

Project timeline

This project is currently completed.

Project phases are: planning, design, construction and completed


  • Fall 2020: final lift of asphalt completed
  • Summer 2020: final lift of asphalt construction
  • Fall 2019: substantial completion of Phase 2 construction services
  • May 2018: start of Phase 2 construction services (roadworks, sanitary and storm servicing)
  • Spring 2018: completion of Phase 1 (grading and water servicing work)
  • August 2017: tender for Phase 1 construction services (grading and  water)
  • June 2017: Stantec Consulting was selected as Consultant; design work began
  • May 2017: Request for Proposal to select a consultant

Project contacts:

Transportation Planning and Engineering

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