Summer wellness activity calendar

Keep active in and around Strathcona County this summer. Use this calendar to try activities to promote healthy eating, physical activity, social activity, emotional health and just having fun! Click on the calendar links to explore activities in more detail, and try the summer workouts listed below.

Printable Summer wellness activity calendar

Summer wellness workouts

  • 1. Outdoor workout #1 – Strength-based

    Equipment Needed: Park Bench, Railing

    Warm Up: 5-10 minute jog around park

    Alternate between exercise A and B for each set.


    A. Step Ups: step up onto bench with one foot. Drive heel into bench, push up to stand and bring other foot to meet. Slowly lower back to ground.

    10 reps/ side

    B. Bench Pushups: place hands on edge of bench, keep core engaged, bend elbows to lower chest to bench and push back up.

    12 reps. Repeat 3x.

    Modify: Choose a higher level bench to do pushups to lighten the load


    A. Squats:stand in front of bench with feet hip width apart, squat down by pushing hips back and gently tap glutes to bench. Return to stand.

    12 reps

    B. Tricep Dips:place hands on edge of bench with legs straight in front of you. Drive elbows back, lower down and then push through hands to return to start.

    10 reps

    Repeat 3x


    A. Reverse Row:hold onto railing with body underneath. Pull chest up to railing by driving elbows back, slowly return to start.

    10 reps

    Modify: keep yourself more upright to lighten the load

    B. Walking Lunges:Step forward with one foot, bend both knees to lunge down. Drive through front heel to come back to standing. Step forward with opposite foot.

    12 reps/ leg

    Repeat 3x

    Cooldown: Walk for 5 – 10 minutes until heart rate is lowered.

    Questions? Ask a Fitness Technician for explanation or an alternate exercise!

  • 2. Outdoor workout #2 – Cardiovascular-based

    Equipment Needed: Step, Grass, loop to walk/jog, timer

    Warm Up: 10 minute walk/jog around loop

    Complete each exercise for: 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds between.

    1. Quick Feet: Step up and down on step as quickly as possible.
    2. Step Jumps: With both feet, jump onto step and either jump or step down.
    3. High Plank Jacks: On grass in a high plank position from hands and toes, jump or step feet apart into wide stance and back together.
    4. Raised Lunges Right Leg: Right foot onto raised step, bend both knees and lunge almost to the ground, push through heel to stand.
    5. Raised Lunges Left Leg: Same exercise as above but left foot on step.
    6. Toe Taps on Step: tap toes on step, alternating legs as quickly as possible.
    7. Burpees: reach up, place hands on ground, jump or step feet back to high plank. (Option to pushup). Step or jump feet into hands, stand and reach up.
    8. Mountain Climbers: start in a high plank positon, drive knee to chest and quickly repeat other leg.

    Walk or Jog 2 – 3 laps of loop

    Rest 2:00 minutes

    Repeat 2 – 4x

    Cooldown: Walk 1 loop

    Questions? Ask a Fitness Technician for explanation or an alternate exercise!

  • 3. Outdoor workout #3 – Core-based

    Equipment Needed: bench, grass, high bar in playground(optional)

    Warm Up:

    • 30 sec high knees
    • 30 sec butt kicks
    • 30 sec jumping jacks
    • 30 sec high kicks

    Repeat 2x

    Complete each exercise for: 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds

    Circuit One – Bench


    A. Ab In and Outs:sitting on the edge of bench lean back and engage core, extend legs out as you lean back and then bend knees and sit forward to crunch

    B. Plank Up Downs:Place hands on lower level of bench, feet away from the bench with body at an angle and core engaged. Lift one hand to higher level of bench, followed by the other and then back down.

    C. Spiderman Knee Drive:place hands (or elbows) on lower level bench. Drive left knee out and to the side up to elbow. Return to normal and repeat on other side.

    D. Plank Walks: feet on bench and hands on ground to make plank. Walk hands and feet to the right to edge of bench and back to left.

    Repeat 3 – 4x

    Circuit Two – High Bar & Grass


    A. Hanging Knee Tucks: hold onto high bar, drive both knees up to chest and slowly lower.

    Modify: laying on ground on back, place hands under low back and drive knees to chest keeping feet off of ground.

    B. V-Sit:sitting on ground, lift legs up and lean back to form a V with your body and hold.

    C. Toe Touch Sit Ups:lay flat on the ground on back with arms stretched out overhead. Lift left leg and right arm as you sit up to bring them together. Repeat on opposite side.

    D. Bicycle Crunches:laying on back, lift feet off ground with knees bent, drive opposite elbow to opposite knee while keeping shoulder blades off ground.

    Repeat 3 – 4x

    Cooldown: Walk 5 minutes

    Questions? Ask a Fitness Technician for explanation or an alternate exercise!

  • 4. Outdoor workout #4 – Mobility-based

    Equipment Needed: Playground with straight vertical pole, monkey bars and swings.

    Warm Up:

    • 2 laps around playground
    • 3 sets of monkey bars
    • 2:00 minutes swinging

    Complete each move for about 1 min / side

    1. Standing beside pole, lunge forward with leg closest to pole. Holding the lunge, reach arms up overhead and then slowly reach up and over to hold pole, feeling a stretch along opposite side.
    2. Hold onto pole at approximately hip height. Feet should be ~2 feet away, facing pole; push hips back and keep back flat as you drop your head between shoulders, feeling the stretch in your back.
    3. On hands and knees, keep core engaged. Extend opposite arm and leg as far out as possible, keeping balance. Bring back to ground, alternate sides and repeat.
    4. Laying on stomach, place hands directly under shoulders. Push off of ground to create slight back bend, feeling the stretch in abdominals then slowly lower chest down.
    5. Standing in front of swing facing away, place top of one foot on swing. Bend front knee and extend foot on swing back as far as comfortable to feel stretch in front hip. Return slowly to start.
    6. On the ground, form a high plank. Step right foot outside of hands. Take right hand off of ground, twist from hips and extend arm straight up above body.

    Repeat 2x

    Cooldown: Swing for as long as you like.

    Questions? Ask a Fitness Technician for explanation or an alternate exercise!

Jaclyn Neumann
Fitness Technician III

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