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What is Fun Factory?

Fun Factory is a drop-in babysitting service for parents involved in activities located at Millennium Place and the Ardrossan Recreation Complex. We provide a safe and caring environment for your children while you participate in a healthy lifestyle. We will entertain your little ones with activities such as colouring, toys, play dough, puzzles and books!

Our childcare providers are certified in Standard First Aid and Level C CPR and have undergone Criminal Records Checks.

Millennium Place Fun Factory Brochure
Ardrossan Recreation Complex Fun Factory Brochure

Millennium Place

Closed on statutory holidays

September – June
Mon and Wed 8:45 a.m. – 2 p.m. 5 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Tue / Thur / Fri / Sat 8:45 a.m. – 1 p.m.
July – August
Mon – Fri 8:45 a.m. – 1 p.m

Ardrossan Recreation Complex

Closed on statutory holidays

September – June
Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 12 noon
July – August
Mon/Wed/Thu 9 a.m. – 12 noon

Please see drop-in schedule for exact schedule dates.

  • Our ratios follow the guidelines established by the Alberta Government for drop-in daycare centres:

    * Newborn to 19 months 5:1

    • 19 months to 3 years 8:1
    • 3-5 years 10:1
    • 5 years + 12:1

    • $3.25 per child per half hour
    • $4.25 per family per half hour (single household)
  • | 10-hour punch pass | 32-hour punch pass | 
    | $59.00 Single child | $188.00 Single child |
    | $77.00 Family | $246.40 Family |

    • Prices are based on 5% GST
    • Family = immediate family only
    • Please note there is a 5 minute grace period
  • When you arrive at Fun Factory, please use our boot area to complete a Fun Factory form for each child participating as well as create a name label for each child and their belongings. When you enter the Fun Factory room our staff will collect each child's Fun Factory form, record each child's name and age group as well as the location of your activity. Our staff will record the time of entry according to the clock on the desk.

  • Staff will return your child's Fun Factory form to be used at your next visit as well as your child's belongings. We encourage you to store the form in your child's bag for use during your next visit. Extra forms are located in the boot area if required. Our staff will record the sign-out time from the clock on the desk. The staff will calculate your payment and punch your visit card or accept single tickets. There is a 5-minute grace period, anything over 5 minutes will be charged the next half hour.

  • Let’s stay healthy

    While at Fun Factory, your child will play in close contact with other children, which allows for easy transmission of germs. To help keep all visiting children healthy, please do not register your child in Fun Factory if he or she has flu-like (influenza) symptoms. Staff will contact parents whose child exhibits "influenza-like symptoms". Visit for a list of symptoms.

    To help reduce the transmission of germs and viruses, toys and equipment are disinfected daily to help maintain a clean play environment. The cleaning of high-touch surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, highchairs, snack tables, exersaucers, baby swings, mats, change stations) occurs at least twice daily to help prevent the transmission of viruses.

    Let’s keep our kids safe

    Our childcare room has special safety locks out of reach of the children. Please ensure that you re-lock the door upon entering and leaving the room. Note: Fun Factory staff collect a parent’s or guardian’s location upon sign-in.

  • In consideration of children with allergies, please do not send snacks with peanuts or peanut products.

    We are not equipped to serve lunches or breakfasts. Please enjoy the use of our lobby to feed your child their meal prior to entering childcare.

  • Please label all personal items (diapers, bottles, baby wipes, extra clothing, snacks, etc) before you bring them.

    If your child likes a special toy, you are welcome to bring it along. However, we caution that we cannot be responsible for lost, shared or damaged toys.

  • 9. Where can I store my belongings? Permanent link to Where can I store my belongings?

    Remember: you are responsible for the safety of your personal items.

    Please take your valuables with you (i.e. purses, wallets, cash) and avoid leaving them in diaper bags.

    Wallet and purse lockers are available at the main reception desk for your convenience.

    There is a coat room, with lockers, located near the Fun Factory at Millennium Place.

Please note: Fun Factory is a special service not included in the Millennium Card. We will provide two weeks notice for any fee or schedule changes. Pick-up our childcare brochure at Millennium Place or Ardrossan Recreation Complex.

Additional information
780-416-3300 (Millennium Place) or
780-400-2084 (Ardrossan Recreation Complex)

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