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Capital Region Board

Alberta's Capital Region Board (CRB) was officially established on April 15, 2008 and consists of mayors and reeves from the 24 municipalities in the Alberta Capital Region. The board was created to jointly develop a long-range regional growth management plan (Capital Region Growth Plan)

The Capital Region Board Regulation AR49/2008 required that the Board complete a Growth Plan with four key components: land use, intermunicipal transit, housing, and geographic information services (GIS). The Growth Plan fulfills the requirements of the Regulation, and provides a vision for the future of the Capital Region. The Plan also contains implementation strategies for each of the four key components. 

The Capital Region Growth Plan: Growing Forward was submitted to the Honourable Ray Danyluk, Minister of Municipal Affairs on April 2, 2009. This date marked the successful completion of an unprecedented undertaking by the municipal leaders of the participating member municipalities of the Capital Region Board. Having demonstrated commitment and leadership throughout the process of developing the Capital Region Growth Plan, they now look forward to ensuring the Capital Region is a model for regional co-operation in Alberta. On June 11, 2009 a preliminary response was provided by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and resulted in two addendums submitted on October 31, 2009 and December 31, 2009.

Capital Region Growth Plan
The regional plan will deal with four priorities:

Regional land-use planning
To identify residential, commercial, industrial and protected areas, and core infrastructure including roads, rail, pipelines, transit and utility corridors
Inter-municipal transit
To plan a public transportation network to include future high-growth areas
Geographic information services
To develop an electronic system for municipalities to share planning and geographic information
Affordable housing
To determine the location and quantity of low-income and market-affordable housing required

The Board has also been discussing other issues of common interest to the Region, such as, economic development and energy corridors.

24 communities growing together
The Capital Region Board consists of mayors and reeves from the 24 municipalities in the Alberta Capital Region.


Strathcona County representatives on Capital Region Board

Elected officials

Mayor Roxanne Carr
In addition to her role as a Capital Region Board member, Mayor Carr also serves on the CRB's Growth Plan Update Task Force. 

Councillor Dave Anderson
Councillor Anderson serves on the CRB's Transit Committee.

Councillor Carla Howatt
Councillor Howatt serves on the CRB's Housing Committee, representing the Strathcona County/Fort Saskatchewan sub-region.


Rob Coon, Chief Commissioner
Marnie Lee, Strategist

Where can I find out more about the Capital Region Board?

  • Capital Region Board - This site includes news; governing regulations such as mandate, chairmanship, voting structure; meeting agendas and minutes; and reports (Capital Region Growth Plan) and contacts.

Further information
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