Option 4 Pilot Project

Strathcona County Enforcement Services and the RCMP have developed a pilot project, titled Option 4, to educate and find alternative ways to reduce repeat traffic offences to support traffic safety in Strathcona County.

What is Option 4?

Option 4 is an alternate option from the existing three options listed on the back of a violation notice. Recipients of the violation ticket are given the option to attend an information session in lieu of paying the fine received. This option is completely voluntary for the recipients of the violation ticket. If the recipient chooses to not attend the information session, their violation ticket with the specified penalty will be processed as usual.

What Option 4 pilot projects have been undertaken to date?

  • Spring 2017- Residential Speeding
  • Fall 2017- Stop Sign Compliance
  • Fall 2018 - Distracted Driving
  • Fall 2019 - Rural Speeding

Option 4 (264.9 KB)

What have been the results of the Option 4 Projects to date?

The four Option 4 projects completed to date have been very well-received by the community.

  • 74% of participants in the Residential Speeding  project reported that the Option 4 presentation would change the way they drive on neighbourhood streets.
  • 97% of participants in the Stop Sign Project agreed that they would be more likely to stop fully at stop signs after attending the Option 4 session.
  • 89% of participants in the Distracted Driving Project indicated their driving behaviour would change as a result of attending the Option 4 session.
  • 86% of participants in the Rural Speeding Project indicated they would be more aware of their speed as a result of attending the Option 4 session.

What next?

Strathcona County will continue to evaluate the Option 4 pilot project to determine its effectiveness.  We will be using information collected from participants during the Option 4 sessions to help guide us in the development of ongoing enforcement, education and engagement initiatives in our neighbourhoods.

There are plans for another Option 4 Project during the fall of 2020.

Further information:

RCMP and Enforcement Services
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Phone: 780-449-0170

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