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Water and drainage issues can result from a number of factors. If you are experiencing water issues on your property, please call one of the numbers outlined below.

Having water issues?

Sewer back-up (Call 780-467-7785)
If you are having a sewer backup or basement flooding please call the 24-hour emergency number and an operator will call you back within one hour anytime of the day or night. Learn how to prevent sewer backups before they happen.

Culvert, catch basins or ditch maintenance (Call 780-417-7100)
Blocked or damaged culverts or catch basins will prevent the proper flow of water.

Ponding on property or existing lot grading issues (Call 780-417-7100)
Proper lot grading is required to ensure proper surface drainage away from structures such as your home or garage. 

For new home lot grading questions or inspections please call Planning and Development Services at 780-464-8080.

To learn more about wastewater and prevent your home from flooding, view these videos made by the City of Edmonton.

Beaver dam (Call 780-417-7100)
Beaver activity can interfere with the proper flow of water in rural areas.

Stormwater management

Strathcona County’s stormwater management system gathers rainfall and surface water runoff to help reduce flooding. Find out what you can do to help keep the water flowing where it needs to go.

Heavy rainfall
During heavy rainfall, some ponding and higher water is normal. The stormwater system will catch up quickly and drain the water where it needs to go. Learn what you can do to help reduce flooding during heavy rainfall.

Spring melt
As the snow melts, water will flow down the streets to stormwater catch basins. You can help by keeping catch basins free of snow and ice. Ensuring eavestroughs, sump pumps and weeping tiles are working properly will also help proper drainage from your property.

Drainage issues
Transportation and Agriculture Services
Phone: 780-417-7100

Sump pumps, sewer backup and flooded basements
Phone: 780-467-7785 (24 hrs)

Last updated: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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