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Hunting in Strathcona County

2017 Hunting Season

The 2017 hunting season runs September 1 to December 7. Know the rules and regulations that are in place BEFORE you plan your hunt. 

Alberta Fish and Wildlife, Edmonton District, is responsible for wildlife management and enforcement of Alberta's Wildlife Act. 

Deer in the woods

Rights of landowners

A large portion of the privately owned land in the County falls into the category of occupied land, as defined under the Wildlife Act. The following regulations apply to hunting on occupied land.

  • The landowner is responsible to ensure that the hunter understands any conditions on which hunting is being permitted. For example, hunting may be allowed for one day, several days or longer.
  • A hunter needs permission from the landowner or occupant to hunt on a given property.  It is entirely the decision of the landowner or occupant whether to allow hunting on the property. 
  • The landowner may specify the number of hunters allowed, or particular areas they should avoid.

Hunting Map

Where hunting is and is not permitted

The discharge of firearms in Strathcona County is controlled by the County's Firearm Control Bylaw 3-2014 and is enforced by the RCMP. Firearms may not be used for hunting in Sherwood Park, rural hamlets and on County property.

Hamlet Hunting Map

The use of firearms is restricted within the Special Control Area. In this area, shotguns and muzzle-loading rifles, bows and arrows, and cross-bows may be used to hunt white-tailed deer and antlerless and antlered moose during this year’s Strathcona White-tailed Deer Hunt and Antlerless and Antlered Moose Special License from October 25 to December 7.

Outside of the Special Control Area, Sherwood Park and rural hamlets, Strathcona County does not have bylaws restricting the use of firearms. Provincial and federal regulations apply in these areas.

The County is divided into three different Wildlife Management Units (WMU 248, 242 and 250). Different regulations apply to each. 

Hunting game birds with a shotgun on road allowances is not permitted in the County. Strathcona County is a Specialized Municipality and, because of this designation, all road allowances are considered County property. There is no hunting allowed on any County property.

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Further information:

The 2017 Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations is now available. For locations of hunting licence issuers:

Strathcona County Transportation and Agriculture Services

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Edmonton District Office

  • 780-427-3574

24-hour numbers

  • RCMP Sherwood Park 780-467-7741
  • Report-a-Poacher 1-800-642-3800
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