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Mature Neighbourhood Overlay

Overlay in effect November 1, 2016

The Mature Neighbourhood Overlay was approved by Council on September 13, 2016 and implemented on November 1, 2016.

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The Mature Neighbourhood Overlay is the result of the Mature Neighbourhood Strategy, which involved planning for the future of older neighbourhoods in Sherwood Park. The Mature Neighbourhood Overlay provides regulations within the Land Use Bylaw that respect and maintain the overall character of mature neighbourhoods. Learn more and review the Overlay below.

The Citizens' Task Force was created in 2014, as recommended by Council and was comprised of mature neighbourhood residents. The Task Force has fullfilled their mandate and provided valued guidance on the Urban Form and Architectural Character Assessment and input regarding the public engagement strategy for the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay.

Printable version of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (17.0 MB)

What neighbourhoods are impacted by the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay?

As outlined in the map of mature neighbourhoods, the Overlay applies to; Mills Haven, Glen Allan, Brentwood, Maplewood, Maple Grove, Sherwood Heights, Broadmoor Estates, Woodbridge Farms, Westboro, and Village on the Lake.

I'm planning to build in a mature neighbourhood, what should I do?

Contact Planning and Development Services to find out how these regulations could impact your development.

What is an overlay?

An overlay is a set of additional regulations placed on specific areas. The overlay supersedes or adds to the existing regulations of the underlying Zoning District.

What is the purpose of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay?

The purpose of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay is to provide for regulations within mature neighbourhoods that respect and maintain the overall character of these areas.

What additional regulations are included in the overlay over and above the underlying Zoning District?

The Mature Neighbourhood Overlay includes regulations on height, setbacks, site coverage, and architectural design elements that will have an impact on development within mature neighbourhoods.

For example: Should a homeowner wish to demolish their bungalow and rebuild a two and a half storey house, the previous regulations allowed up to 10 metres in height to the mid-point of the roof. The overlay restricts the height to 8.5 metres to the peak; if the neighbouring properties are only bungalows, and also require a second storey setback.

The regulations within the overlay ensure that the existing neighbourhood character is considered with respect to the scale of the new development and massing. 

What is an Urban Form and Architectural Character Assessment and when was it completed?

The Urban Form and Architectural Character Assessment was a technical background study that identified the defining features of mature neighbourhoods that contribute to their unique character.

The Assessment assisted in creating the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay and was completed in February 2015.

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