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Deck permit requirements

If your deck is higher than 2 ft. off the ground a building permit is required. If there are variances between your plan and current zoning bylaws, a development permit is also required.

To see how height is measured, click here to view a diagram.


  • Decks higher than 0.60 m (2 ft.) require a minimum guard height of 0.90 m (36 in.)
  • Decks higher than 1.8 m (6 ft.) require a minimum guard height of 1.07 m (42 in.)
  • Openings between guards shall be a size that prevents the passage of a spherical object of 100 mm (4 in.) in diameter
  • Guards must be designed and constructed of materials that would not facilitate climbing between the areas of 0.1m (.3 ft) and 0.9m (3 ft.) above the floor of the deck. For example, lattice would not be an acceptable deck guard.


Can not be more than two and a half times the depth of the beam or joist and are allowed up to a maximum of 0.6m(2ft).

For example:

• 2x6 construction: 2.5 x 6" = 15" maximum cantilever
• 2x8 construction: 2.5 x 8" = 20" maximum cantilever
• 2x10 construction: 2.5 x 10" = 24" maximum applies
• 2x12 construction: 2.5 x 12" = 24" maximum applies


Must be a minimum of 3-ply


Positive drainage must be maintained under all decks to prevent any surface water from ponding under the deck (sloped away from the house). 


Concrete pads: 2 ft. x 2 ft. with a minimum 4 in. thickness and a maximum spacing of 8 ft. on centre.

Concrete piles:
8 in. diameter x 8 ft. deep, spaced not more than 8 ft. on centre
10 in. diameter x 10 ft. deep, spaced not more than 10 ft. on centre
12 in. diameter x 12 ft. deep, spaced not ore than 12 ft. on centre
("Pyramid blocks" are not an acceptable foundation on their own.)


The proximity of your deck to a property line is limited by your zoning. In most neighbourhoods, a rear deck can be as close as 4 m (13 ft.) to the back property line and .6 m (2 ft.) from a side property line. Some exceptions apply.

Other Information

• Decks must be constructed within your property boundary.
• Decks cannot be located on or over an easement or right-of-way.
• Decks cannot be constructed over gas lines, a gas meter, and /or gas shut-off.
• Before constructing a deck call Alberta One-Call at (1-800-242-3447) for buried utility locations.

If you have any questions or for more information please contact Planning and Development Services at 780-464-8080 or by email at .


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