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Making a presentation to Council

Topics on this page:
Opportunities to speak to Council
Opportunities to speak to the Priorities Committee
Preparing your presentation
Meeting procedures

Staff in Legislative and Legal Services prepare the meeting agendas and coordinate public presentations. Call the Legislative Officer at 464-8105/780-410-8577 or

  • to register to speak to the Priorities Committee
  • for information on Council meeting and Priorities Committee meeting procedures
  • for dates and times of Council and Priorities Committee meetings
  • for the time that an item is scheduled on an agenda
  • Dates and times of council meetings are advertised in the local newspaper and are posted on our website.
  • The meetings are held in Council Chambers on the main floor of the Community Centre, 2001 Sherwood Drive in Sherwood Park. 
  • All Council meetings and Priorities Committee meetings are open to the public. Residents are welcome to attend and observe the proceedings.
  • The agendas and reports (reports) are posted to the County's website the Wednesday prior to each Council meeting, usually by 4:30 p.m. A paper copy is also available from the Strathcona County Library and the office of Legislative and Legal Services by the Wednesday prior to each meeting; or at the meeting.

Opportunities to speak to Council

  1. Public hearings
    Most public hearings deal with land use planning and development, and are required by the Municipal Government Act. Public hearings enable residents who might be affected by a proposed development to provide direct input to Council's decision. The process also allows the applicants who are proposing the development to address Council and clarify issues that may be raised during the public hearing. Public hearings are held on Tuesdays at either 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. during regular Council meetings. They are advertised in the local newspaper. 

    We encourage anyone interested in speaking at a Public Hearing to register by emailing or calling 780-464-8105 by 4:00 p.m. the day before the hearing (please provide your full name, the bylaw number, and indicate if you are in favour or opposed).

    You may also register to speak in person at the public hearing; however, anyone registered prior to the hearing will be heard first. Presentation time is limited to five minutes per speaker. Written submissions are also accepted for Public Hearings and will be distributed to all of Council.

    Personal information is being collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for purposes of managing and administering the public hearing and to schedule you as a speaker. If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of your personal information, please contact the Legislative Officer at 780-464-8105.

    Please note that public hearings, including presentations made by speakers, are recorded. The meetings are made available for viewing on the County’s public website and the names of presenters along with a brief description of their position is included in the minutes. All written submissions for public hearings are made available for public viewing.  

    How you will learn of Council decisions
    At public hearings, Council will make a decision about each item immediately after the conclusion of the hearing. You are welcome to stay in Council Chambers to hear the decision. Also, the approved meeting minutes are posted on the website.

Opportunities to speak to the Priorities Committee

  1. Open House
    Council holds an open house as part of the regular Priorities Committee meeting at 5:30 p.m. to hear from residents once on most topics. See "preparing your presentation" for more information.

  2. Public Presentations
    Public presentations may be arranged for special recognition of community members, organizations and events, or for award presentations. To request the opportunity to make a public presentation, contact the Legislative Officer at least 21 days before the meeting. You will be provided with a form requesting the following information:
  • your name and address
  • the reason for the presentation
  1. Non-Statutory Public Hearings
    The Priorities Committee may agree to hear from a person in attendance at the meeting who wishes to speak to the Committee on any matter that is on the agenda.

  2. Topics that cannot be discussed with the Priorities Committee
  • matters that must be kept confidential under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: for example, personnel matters
  • decisions of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or the Assessment Review Board

If you are wondering whether your topic can be discussed, check with Legislative and Legal Services.

Preparing your presentation

Register in advance: call 780-464-8105/780-410-8577 or

If you want to speak at an open house, public hearing or non-statutory public hearing, you are strongly encouraged to register in advance so that you can be sure time is set aside for your presentation. When you register, you will be asked for your name, address and topic.

Council and the Priorities Committee hears first from people registered to speak followed by anyone in the gallery also interested in speaking.

Written statements

If you have a written submission you would like Council or the Priorities Committee to read, Legislative and Legal Services will make copies and distribute it in advance of the meeting. You can provide it by email to or as a paper copy. We require your submission at least one week prior to the meeting. You can also leave written material with the Legislative Officer at the meeting for distribution later. All written presentations will become a matter of public record.

Use of audio-visual materials

You are welcome to use audio-visuals as part of your presentation if you stay within the five-minute time limit. PowerPoint presentations are permitted and should be e-mailed to the Legislative Officer one week in advance.

If you plan to use photographs, video or other audio-visuals, please let Legislative and Legal Services know ahead of time. 

Meeting procedures

The names of people registered to speak are given to the Mayor. When it is your turn, the Mayor will call you forward, and invite you to sit at the table directly in front of Council or the Priorities Committee.

When you have finished your presentation, please remain at the table if Council members have questions.

Tips for making your presentation 

  • Once you are seated at the presentation table, state your name and give the spelling of your last name.
  • Speak directly into the microphone to ensure you are heard.
  • Address the Mayor as "Madam Mayor."
  • When responding to questions from Councillors, direct your answers through the Mayor.
  • Time limit
    Each speaker has five minutes to make his or her presentation. The five-minute limit applies even if a speaker represents other people; however, Council may decide otherwise, depending on the specific circumstances. Your presentation may or may not be followed by questions from Council.

    We follow these time limits in order to give everyone a fair opportunity to speak, and to allow as many people to speak as possible. If you are wondering whether your topic can be discussed, check with Legislative and Legal Services.

Further information

To register to speak at a Council meeting contact:
Strathcona County Legislative and Legal Services
County Hall
2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 3W7
Phone: 780-464-8105 or 780-410-8577
Fax: 780-464-8194

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