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Council Meeting - September 27, 2011



Council Minutes

Public Hearing Minutes

Reports included in this agenda:

8.1 - Organizational Review - ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’

9.1 - Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) 

10.1 - Haunted Hike Shuttle 

11.1 - Campbelltown Heights - Water & Wastewater Servicing - BYLAW 49-2011 - Borrowing Bylaw - BYLAW 48-2011 - Local Improvement Tax Levy

11.2 - 2011 Second Quarter Management Report 

12.1 - 2011 National Work-Life, Family & Lifestyle Study

13.1 - BYLAW 46-2011 - Late Payment Penalties on Unpaid Taxes and Tax Arrears

14.1 - Councillor Request Report

15.1 Mayor's Report

15.3 - Expenditure of Council Priority Fund - L. Osinchuk

16.1 - Environmental Advisory Committee Annual Report 2011 

17.1 - BYLAW 38-2011 Road Closures NE Anthony Henday Drive Project

18.1 - Sherwood Park Archery Club - Request for Assistance - Indoor Archery Facility

Please note--

Agendas and Council packages (reports) are added to this website the Friday prior to each Council meeting, usually by 4:30 p.m.

The information posted here may change at the Council meeting.

At the meeting, changes, additions or deletions may be made to the agenda and the reports with it. These changes will not appear on this website until days or even perhaps a week after the meeting.

Council decisions for each item can be found in the minutes for the meeting. Minutes are generally posted on this site within three weeks after each Council meeting.

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