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Council Meeting - September 13, 2011



Council Minutes

Reports included in this agenda:

8.1 - Traffic Safety 

8.2 - Land Use Bylaw – Sign Regulations

8.3 - DIRECTION REQUEST - Re: Financial / Budget Committee

9.1 - Revisions to 2011 Council Budget Meeting Schedule 

10.1 - Strathcona County Youth Council and Youth Advisory Committee - Update

11.1 - 2011 Second Quarter Management Report

11.2  - River Valley Alliance (RVA) Request for Matching Funding in support of RVA Plan of Action (Reserve Funding)

12.1 - 2011 National Work-Life, Family & Lifestyle Study

13.1 - Transit Master Plan - Community Consultation

14.1 - BYLAW 43-2011 - Apiculture Bylaw

15.1 - Councillor Request Report

16.1 - Mayor’s Report

17.1 - Economic Development Update - Shell Canada Energy - Quest Carbon Capture & Storage Project and Shell Scotford Update

Please note--

Agendas and Council packages (reports) are added to this website the Friday prior to each Council meeting, usually by 4:30 p.m.

The information posted here may change at the Council meeting.

At the meeting, changes, additions or deletions may be made to the agenda and the reports with it. These changes will not appear on this website until days or even perhaps a week after the meeting.

Council decisions for each item can be found in the minutes for the meeting. Minutes are generally posted on this site within three weeks after each Council meeting.

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