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Our business planning and budgeting process is driven by achieving the goals and priorities voiced by the public, as outlined in the strategic and corporate plans.


2017  Budget

On November 28, 2016 Council approved the  2017 Budget. More information can be found on the links below.

Media Release: Approved 2017 Budget reduces taxes, maintains services

Residents are encouraged to stay informed, and to learn more about the priorities and plans driving the process. Find out more here Priority Based Business Planning and Budgeting.

Business plan and budget material will be on the website November 18 via the link below to Legislative and Legal Services Agenda Packages for Council.

Agenda Packages

 You can view the Approved 2017 Budget in the document below.

2017 Approved Budget (11.0 MB)  

Prior Year's Budgets

Additional Information:

Corporate and Department Business Plan

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