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Community Results

Results are the fundamental reason we exist, or what we are in business to do. Council’s approved strategic plan served as an effective foundation for results. 

As part of the Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) methodology, Council has developed 7 community results.

The results, and results definitions, are listed below:


  • Manages, plans and invests in safe and sustainable municipal transportation infrastructure, planning for integrated mobility options
  • Ensures the provision of reliable and effective water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructure throughout the County
  • Plans and designs for “smart infrastructure”- sequencing of infrastructure improvements to optimize investment; leveraging technology and infrastructure investments; and encouraging appropriate density
  • Provides accessible “social infrastructure” including libraries, recreation opportunities, and parks that attract new and sustain existing population
  • Offers communication/internet that is diversified (community, rural, and urban) to satisfy community needs)
  • Creates a safe and walkable community for those traveling upon streets, bikeways, sidewalks, trails and open spaces
  • Establishes new and leverages existing partnerships to enhance and build infrastructure
  • Strategically manage, invest and plan for sustainable municipal infrastructure
  • Invests in efficient/effective municipal infrastructure that meets the need of a growing community


  • Promotes a diverse economy that stimulates innovation and investment
  • Ensures land is zoned to promote strategic industrial development, and uses efficient permitting processes to encourage investment and expansion of industry
  • Supports workforce education and training and works collaboratively with local educational institutions to meet future economic needs
  • Ensures critical infrastructure (such as transportation, water and sewer) is available
  • Invests in our natural capital and promotes locally-produced food and sustainable practices
  • Promotes Strathcona County locally, nationally and internationally as a place that is open for business and investment; attracting large and small businesses into the community
  • Promotes a growing, diverse value-added agricultural sector
  • Promotes an integrated and diverse energy sector

Operational Excellence and Effectiveness

  • Works cooperatively with Neighbouring governments & civic organizations
  • Supports effective operations & decision making through innovation, technology, integrated systems and best practices
  • Works cooperatively with urban and rural residents and businesses to govern as a single specialized municipality
  • Is efficient & effective in daily operations
  • Ensures quality service delivery excellence, planning & strong fiscal management of programs & organizational capacity
  • Strategically plans for long term financial sustainability in support of service delivery and infrastructure asset management
  • Increase public involvement & communicates with community on issues affecting the County's future


  • Considers individual and community health and well-being, and how we relate to and care for one another
  • Considers effective design: how the design of new developments and redevelopment of existing areas encourage community interaction and connectedness
  • Partners with other governments and community agencies to ease economic and social disparities
  • Strengthens the self-sustaining capacity of individuals, families and communities by fostering healthy and active lifestyles
  • Ensures fundamental needs (e.g. affordable housing, safety and security in our homes, and a sense of belonging) are met
  • Builds strong neighbourhoods/communities to support the diverse needs of our residents
  • Promotes a healthy and active community through well-designed infrastructure that adapts to meet our changing needs and desires, ensuring facilities and activities are available, accessible and used by residents
  • Provides quality facilities that enables a range of sport, leisure and recreational programs and opportunities, connecting the County


  • Provides a climate of safety for individuals in homes, neighbourhoods, and public places 
  • Plans, designs and builds a safely traversable community, including a efficient & effective transportation system of well-maintained roads and trails
  • Creates a resilient and self-sufficient community, where its residents are increasingly engaged and aware of their own safety and their neighbours
  • Leverages technology, design and "intelligence-driven" policing to reduce crime
  • Establishes bylaws, policy, and standards that protect people and their property, and that are appropriately and judiciously enforced
  • Ensures utilities fundamental to public health (drinking water) and safety (fire suppression)
  • Effectively responds to emergencies in a timely and efficient manner
  • Ensures environmental safety (land, air, water, energy & material use)
  • Fosters a visibly safe community, where public safety officials are an engaged part of the community


  • Promotes and models sustainable living, by protecting and preserving our natural environment
  • Responsibly protects air, land, water, energy and materials from the impacts of by growth and development
  • Manages land, air, water, energy, material use and biological diversity to ensure a healthy and diverse ecosystem
  • Improves the efficiency of resource usage; minimizing the volume of waste and it's impact on the community
  • Improves the efficiency of resource usage and the effective and efficient management of water consumption


  • Supports cultural activities that generate and sustain economic and social benefits for all, and contributes to Strathcona County being a welcoming and attractive community in which to live
  • Creates a sense of place through cultural attractions, events and resources to help define our identity and sense of place
  • Creates and provides opportunities for its residents to access a variety of cultural attractions and resources
  • Promotes diversity and inclusivity, cultural heritage, strong agricultural roots, festivals and events, intangible cultural assets, cultural spaces and facilities, and the arts community
  • Contributes to people feeling a strong shared community identity, heritage, and sense of pride for Strathcona County

Community Results Maps (330.8 KB)

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