SCOOP (Strathcona County Online Opinion Panel) is an opt-in survey community whose members are regularly invited to provide feedback on County initiatives and issues.

Strathcona County residents, business owners and people who work in the County (including Strathcona County staff), who are 15 years or older, are welcome to sign up for SCOOP.

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Why should I sign up for SCOOP?

There are a few advantages of providing your feedback to Strathcona County through SCOOP:

  • When you sign up for SCOOP, you’ll start by answering some simple profile questions. This means you won’t have to answer the same demographic questions over and over with each survey.
  • Strathcona County will be able to use your profile survey answers to send you surveys that are most relevant to you. For example, those with no children will not receive surveys that focus on the needs of school-aged children.
  • SCOOP members will automatically receive an email letting them know about opportunities to provide input on community initiatives and issues. SCOOP members will also receive information about survey results and the County's follow-up actions, based on these results. 

Anyone who signs up for SCOOP joins an online community of engaged citizens whose advice will be sought on many topics. This is your opportunity to be heard!

What about my privacy?

Strathcona County is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), and takes its obligation to protect the privacy of panel members seriously. Your answers to any surveys you complete will not be visible to other SCOOP members, and can only be accessed by a select few County staff members that are responsible for survey creation.

Strathcona County is collecting personal information from participants to better understand the opinions of different segments of our population. Our contract with Insightrix (the company that developed our SCOOP platform) ensures that your personal information is protected by strong encryption and physical security measures.  

Strathcona County will only ever release total survey results; no individual results will ever be reported. We will also never share your individual personal information except in the unlikely event that we are required to do so by law.    

If you have any questions or concerns about SCOOP and FOIP, please contact Public Engagement at

See Strathcona County’s privacy and security statement

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Public Engagement
Phone: 780-416-7299

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