What is a solar collector system? 

Solar Collector System means one or more devices or structures, or part of a device or structure, capable of collecting and distributing solar energy for the purpose of converting that solar energy into thermal or electrical energy. Solar collector system does not include device or structure used only as a solar power supply for the illumination feature of a sign provided it conforms to this bylaw.

We are developing regulations for regulating solar collector systems based on their scale, location and use in the following areas of the County:

  • Urban residential      
  • Commercial
  • Hamlet                             
  • Agriculture
  • Rural residential          
  • Industrial

Proposed land use regulations will divide solar collector systems into four categories to address scale, location and use:

  1. Solar collector panel
  2. Solar collector, minor
  3. Solar collector, major
  4. Solar collector, distribution


Open House #2

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Open House #1

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