2012 Public Participation Survey Results and Action Plan

Recreation, Parks and Culture has reviewed and listened to comments from the Public Participation Survey. Several improvements have been made in various areas to help deliver and refine programs and services residents are asking for.

Here is what you said:

Arts and culture
Outdoor spaces
Recreation facilities
Recreation programs
New programs
Additional indoor and outdoor spaces
Improvements to outdoor spaces
Increase participation

Here is what we are doing:

Group fitness

  • Several requests for aquatic fitness such as more time, better times, specialized registered classes will be addressed in the new Emerald Hills schedule.
  • Over 25 fitness classes now allow participants as young as 13Y+. This creates an opportunity for families to be active together and assists parents to model healthy lifestyles.
  • Two Zumba and two Group Cycling classes have been added to the drop-in schedule for Fall 2013.
  • As per the Strathcona County Wellness Service Model, a key component of the drop-in schedule is variety in terms of class styles and duration – 30, 45 and 60 minute lengths. To best meet this range of classes, the following guidelines will be adhered to in the development of the drop-in schedule.
    • 30 minute classes: 10-20% of total classes
    • 45 minute classes: 35-45% of total classes
    • 60 minute classes: 35-45% of total classes
  • There are 30 different options of back to back classes to provide a longer fitness experience for those who choose.


  • A stronger attempt to promote Saturday and Thursday evening programs has been made.
  • Participation is not yet full in these programs, however they remain open and will continue to be promoted as a need has been identified for these times.
  • Another drop-in class was added to the Spring session and programmers will look at opening additional drop-in if there is an increase in participation.
  • A note regarding toilet training for unparented program was added to the Preschool section of the recreation guide.


  • Festival Place is currently planning the 2013/14 season and is considering more live theatre presentations, classical music and theatre productions geared toward children.
  • The Clay Hut is Strathcona County’s pottery studio. It’s been in operation since 1978, and offers classes for all ages throughout the week and occasional Open Houses. This summer youth clay camps and adult clay workshops are offered.
  • The Strathcona County Museum and Archives partners with Strathcona County and is open to the public. There is a new permanent aboriginal exhibit in the works, which will open to the public in the fall 2013.
  • A review of the Public Art program in Strathcona County has just wrapped up and a new plan has been developed. Watch for more information as the plan becomes approved.
  • Gallery@501 offers art programs every Sunday called Family Fun @ 501. These programs have a small fee per child to cover the cost of the materials and instructor. Daytime family art programs are now offered during the week. Registering in advance is the best way to secure your spot. However, if space is available participants can register at the Gallery just before the program begins.


  • Youth programming area will explore the feasibility of running one day camps for Summer 2014, and/or work with other programming areas to offer a mix of one day programs. We will also look at the possibility of extending post care to 5 p.m.
  • Planning additional youth opportunities at the Ardrossan Recreation Complex, including programmed and drop-in classes for kids and teens. This may also include additional training opportunities for front line staff.
  • Family programs were added over a year ago and registrations have been positive. Youth programming is looking to expand the variety of classes offered by collaborating with other areas such as Adult Wellness.
  • Explore new and innovative marketing tools to efficiently community with youth in Strathcona County.


  • NEW online interactive calendar, which enables more detailed notices, events, mapping and social media integration and ical features
  • NEW mobile App for drop-in recreation schedules, events, and parks and playgrounds with improved search ability
  • Improvements to the print version of the drop-in schedule in the recreation guide
  • Improved navigation in the Recreation Guide including full colour printed copies
  • Improved tagging/notices in the online Recreation Guide and schedules to indicate when changes/cancellations have occurred
  • Facebook communications – more interactive including an online advertising program
  • NEW advertising vehicles including self-checkout kiosks at the grocery store, Family and Community Services senior calendar, Global Edmonton 7-second billboards commercials, and the Family resource magazine for special needs
  • Improving education and awareness through video/visual communications including fitness technician tips, cross country ski lesson videos for adults and kids, online tours of Millennium Place/Kinsmen Leisure Centre pools, fitness class video series with programmer interviews, Strathcona Wilderness Centre facility/site tour including summer camps and disc golf and our new MCard video series to educate people about all the activities included on the MCard.


  • Continue to review and refine the registration processes for all swimming lessons.
  • Strategize new opportunities for the additional aquatic facility at Emerald Hills.


  • The new artificial turf field is being constructed at the new ABJ school site in Emerald Hills.
  • Construction is in progress on seven baseball diamonds located at Sherwood Heights(4), Davidson Creek and Emerald Hills(2).
  • Construction is complete on two revitalized diamonds located at Heritage Hills and Centennial Park #5) – these diamonds are open for play.

Additional information

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