Mixed topic survey results

Strathcona County Online Opinion Panel(SCOOP)  sends regular mixed-topic surveys to panelists. Each of these surveys contains a few questions on a number of different topics. For example, in one mixed topic survey, there may be two questions about recreation facilities, one question about traffic signals, and three questions about waste services.

Strathcona County is committed to transparency in public engagement. This is why we'll post the results of all mixed-topic surveys on the County's website as soon as they are available.

Curious about other engagement results? Check out our completed consultations page!


February 2020 survey results (1.9 MB)

February's topics included:

  • Rural Burn Permits
  • Volunteering with Recreation, Parks and Culture

January 2020 survey results (346.6 KB)

January's topics included:

  • 2019 New Year’s Eve event feedback 
  • Halloween recreation passes


November/December survey report (308.6 KB)

November/December's topics included:

  • Parking rules and regulations
  • 2019 Celebration of Lights event feedback

October survey report (285.2 KB)

October's topics included:

  • Council Boards and Committees
  • Celebration of Lights 2018

September survey report (395.5 KB)

September's topics included:

  • Grow Your Gardens program
  • Outdoor skating
  • New Year’s Eve 2018
  • Parent resources 
  • Traffic safety

July/August survey report (290.7 KB)

July/August topics included:

  • Community gardens
  • Youth spaces
  • Parent resources

June survey report (342.0 KB)

June's topics included:

  • Adult fitness programs
  • Cultural programming
  • Gallery@501
  • Winter road maintenance 

May survey report (398.4 KB)

May's topics included:

  • Canada Day Festival
  • Road maintenance communication

April survey report (758.9 KB)

April's topics included:

  • Trail/cycle maps
  • Recreation events
  • Textile recycling
  • Animal control bylaw.

March's survey report (481.2 KB)

March's topics included: 

  • Getting information about recreation programs
  • Testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 

January's survey report (605.6 KB)

January's topics included:

  • Councillor e-newsletters
  • Pedestrian activity at signalized intersections


November/December 2018 report (1.1 MB)

November's topics included:

  • Awareness of County Services
  • Current and Potential Housing in Strathcona County
  • Pride of Strathcona Awards
  • Roadside Signage

October survey report (237.4 KB)

October's topics included:

  • Housing
  • Traffic Safety
  • Local shopping practices in Strathcona County

Not a member of SCOOP yet? The Strathcona County Online Opinion Panel is a new opt-in survey community whose participants are invited to provide feedback on County initiatives and issues. 

Through online surveys, polls and discussions, Strathcona County residents, businesses and people who work in the County will be asked to share their thoughts on County initiatives, neighbourhood development, social programs, the environment and much more.




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