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Public engagement was a critical piece of the Aquatic Strategy. 

  • [November 2010] Community-wide statistically valid survey (400-person random non-user phone survey). Intent was to understand barriers to participation in aquatics.
  • [November – December 2010] web/intercept surveys (nearly 500 residents). Intent was to identify the main areas of aquatic priorities for the public and any related concerns.
  • [January – May 2011] 15 focus groups with representation from the general public, specific user groups and stakeholders. Intent was to present groups with survey results and to discuss key points.
  • [February – May 2011] Present survey result information and consultant concepts to specialist public committees such as the Accessibility Committee, Youth Council, Seniors Committee and Environmental Sustainability Committee.
  • [May 2011] Meet with front-line aquatics staff to get their first-hand perspective on focus group feedback and concept designs.
  • [June - July 2011] Multiple in-person feedback opportunities for residents to comment to staff about the Clover Bar Ranch spray deck.
  • [May 2011] Follow-up interviews/presentation of refined concepts through open houses at the Community Centre and Ardrossan Recreation Complex
  • [May 2011 – present] Public blog created for on-going dialogue and to collect feedback. 
  • [August 2011] Neighbourhood Mailout Survey for indoor facility location options as information.
  • [August 2011] On-site random feedback opportunities at the Clover Bar Ranch spray deck with staff throughout August
  • [September 2011] Indoor aquatic community-wide survey that focused on options for preferred locations.
  • [September 2011] Neighbourhood Open Houses were hosted to specifically to talk to area residents about the pros and cons for indoor location options. Over 300 residents attended four neighbourhood open houses. Here are the comments received.
  • [September 2011] Neighbourhood specific surveys. There were 263 responses to the neighbourhood specific surveys (available online and at the open houses). Here are the survey results. The comments are verbatim.
  • [August-September 2011] Outdoor community-wide online survey focusing on preference for a series of neighbourhood spray decks with water play features or a single regional spray park

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