Aquatic Strategy

The intent of the Aquatic Strategy is to expand the capacity of safe, affordable and accessible indoor and outdoor aquatic opportunities that promote healthy lifestyle choices for all residents. 

The Aquatic Strategy is one of several initiatives identified in the Open Spaces and Recreation Facility Strategy (OSRFS) and was approved by Council on April 24, 2012. The strategy was developed to guide the long-term planning, design and development of aquatic amenities (indoor and outdoor) throughout the County in the coming years and includes the following recommendations: 

  • Creation of a large, community wide spray park at Broadmoor Lake Park (Completed 2015)
  • Construction of new aquatic facility at Emerald Hills regional recreation site
  • Revitalization of Kinsmen Leisure Centre

Strathcona County will continue to keep residents informed as it moves forward with the capital budget process and detailed planning of the indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities. Long-term planning includes assessing aquatic needs as the community grows, and incorporating feedback into a future new major multipurpose recreation facility.

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Executive Summary of Aquatic Strategy 

Aquatic Strategy 

These recommendations reflect two years of public and stakeholder consultation. This included an in-depth review of public feedback, along with follow-up on a number of points and ideas brought forward by residents. Council’s feedback was also incorporated into the Aquatic Strategy. There will be specific opportunities to give feedback related to the detailed design of the indoor aquatic options and outdoor aquatic options, once budget funding is approved.

Did you know?
  • The new aquatic space at Emerald Hills has doubled the capacity for swimming lessons, creating up to 1,800 spaces per session.
  • Over 67 per cent of residents surveyed preferred a large community spray park over smaller neighbourhood sites.

Public engagement

It is Strathcona County’s goal is to engage residents in dialogue around the needs and priorities for future indoor and outdoor aquatic options. The County’s public engagement is based on a continuum of opportunity to provide input, listen and learn, collaborate and inform. Learn more.

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