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Strathcona County Council has approved funding to install a multi-sport court in South Cooking Lake.

Project background

The South Cooking lake community asked for this amenity in 2010, as part of the input towards the South Cooking Lake Park Master Plan (2010). The Master Plan is a strategic guide to park improvements.

A multi-sport court is a fenced court which has line markings for more than one sport. It is a flexible space for two or more sports games such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, etc.

The County recently secured a Federal Grant to fund part of the construction.


Project phases are: 1- Park master plan 2 - public engagement and design 3 - build and operate.
Year Milestone
2010 South Cooking Lake Park Master Plan
2022 Public engagement and design
2023 Build and operate

Current phase: public engagement and design

In May 2022, the community shared thoughts on: 

  1. Preferred location 
  2. Sports you would like to play on the court

Survey results

South Cooking Lake multi-sport court survey - What We Heard report (1.3 MB)

Concept Plans

South Cooking Lake summer concept plan (111.7 MB)

South Cooking Lake winter concept plan (101.5 MB)

The above concepts show approximate location and size of proposed amenities. Work will now proceed on the design of these amenities, which will require review and approval from internal departments as well as the province. This process will proceed through early 2023.

Next phase: build and operate

Construction of the multi-sport courts, washroom, and accessibility trails will start in the spring of 2023.

Two more outdoor amenity upgrades are also happening in South Cooking Lake: 

  1. Lakeview fireplace (completed summer 2022)
  2. South Cooking Lake Park cookshack replacement (spring 2023)

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