The Prioritized Landscape Ecology Assessment (PLEA) project was a joint effort between Strathcona County and Ducks Unlimited Canada. The main objective of the study was to complete a comprehensive identification of prioritized natural features and wildlife habitats across Strathcona County. The need for this study was driven by the conservation easement program being initiated within Strathcona County in 1996.

The PLEA project demonstrates new land management ethics being implemented on a regional and local scale. A prioritized inventory of significant wildlife habitats and natural features is required to provide a consistent and technically-sound basis for further site by site analysis in support of implementing conservation strategies at the subdivision and development stage. The intent was to put Strathcona County at the forefront of Alberta's municipalities concerned about ecologically sensitive landscape planning.

Prioritized Landscape Ecology Assessment of Strathcona County, Alberta (June 6, 1997)

Executive Summary 

Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables 

1.0 Introduction 

2.0 Study Area Description 

3.0 Planning for Sustainable Land Use in Strathcona County 

4.0 Study Methods 

5.0 Effects of Land Use on Wildlife Habitat 

6.0 Wildlife Communities and Habitat Requirements in Strathcona County 

7.0 Significant Habitat Associations in Strathcona County 

8.0 Wildlife Habitat Units of Strathcona County - Description and Occurrence 

9.0 Applying Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology Principles to Priority Habitat Designation in Strathcona County 

10.0 Priority Wildlife Habitat Units 

11.0 Habitat Restoration Ecology and Application to Strathcona County 

12.0 Priority Restoration Wildlife Habitat Units 

13.0 Literature Cited 

Appendix A Mammal species expected to occur in Strathcona County 

Appendix B Bird species expected to occur in Strathcona County (250.8 KB)  

Appendix C Reptile and amphibian species expected to occur in Strathcona County 

Appendix D Database of Priority Wildlife Habitat Units in Strathcona County 

Wildlife Habitat Units Map 

Although the PLEA document was completed in 1997, it remains relevant when assessing landscape development.

A more recent environmental assessment of Strathcona County in support of the MDP review (2004-2007) is also available.

The Assessment of Environmental Sensitivity and Sustainability in Support of the Strathcona County MDP Review, 2005 (3.3 MB) includes mapping that identifies various levels of environmental sensitivity and also provides detailed investigations of some site-specific issues.

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