UNITY Project

Strathcona County Unity Project

The UNITY Project represents the Community. The Social Framework aims to create a supported, safe and connected community by achieving outcomes of affordability, access to programs and services, safety, and connectedness and inclusion in Strathcona County.

With the launch of the Social Framework in the summer of 2017, the UNITY project was an interactive public art event created by community interaction in Broadmoor Lake Park. For the next eight weeks, more than 1,200 people shared and celebrated their diversity and connections through participating in the UNITY project. With the help of 66 volunteers, UNITY was built.

Here’s what members of our community said:

“It’s like a huge Canadian spider web”

“This is amazing; I’ve never seen anything like it”



Take a look at the evolution of the Unity Project on Canada Day.

Unity Project on Canada Day

See the canopy of connection created by the community!

Unity Project

There's lots you can do. Would you help?

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