Community Results

According to the Priority Based Budgeting methodology, results are the fundamental reason we exist, or what we are in business to do. Council’s approved strategic plan served as an effective foundation for results. 

The  eight goals and results, are listed below:

Goal 1: Build strong communities to support the diverse needs of residents

  • Opportunities for meaningful connections within communities
  • Diverse and inclusive communities
  • Appropriate access to the social service system through partnerships
  • Affordable basic municipal services
  • Programming meets the changing needs of residents
  • Opportunities to be healthy and active

Goal 2: Manage, invest and plan for sustainable municipal infrastructure

  • Efficient and effective multi-modal transportation network
  • Safe, reliable utility infrastructure Innovative “smart” infrastructure
  • Accessible cultural, recreational and social infrastructure
  • Accessible, reliable internet connectivity
  • Partnerships enhance infrastructure investment opportunities

Goal 3: Cultivate economic diversification, within the petrochemical industry and beyond, through a business-friendly environment

  • Strategic partnerships promote business growth and retention
  • Planning supports strategic development
  • Critical physical and technology infrastructure supports business, industry, and agriculture Investment attraction and retention focus on downstream, value-added industry
  • Strengths and innovation provide a competitive advantage, and support attraction and diversification
  • Growth opportunities increase through regional brand and economic development strategies

Goal 4: Ensure effective stewardship of water, land, air and energy resources

  • Appropriate and effective use of agricultural land
  • Natural areas and resources balance value for current and future generations
  • Municipal buildings deploy efficient technology where appropriate
  • Growth and development balanced with recognition and protection of the biosphere (Beaver Hills)
  • County uses best practice approach to waste management

Goal 5: Foster collaboration through regional, community and governmental partnerships

  • Improved regional land use and resource management planning
  • Regional assets leveraged for mutual benefit
  • Innovation and lifelong learning opportunities occur through collaboration with educational institutions
  • Community partnerships leveraged to expand the County’s ability to respond to the changing needs of the community

Goal 6: Provide facilities and services that are available and accessible to residents

  • Connected, accessible multi-modal transportation network, including trails
  • Available, accessible and affordable recreational opportunities
  • Diverse, affordable neighbourhoods, amenities and housing opportunities
  • Enhanced community interaction and connectedness
  • Accessible community and cultural events, entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities

Goal 7: Provide opportunities for public engagement and communication

  • Community is informed about County decisions
  • Community – urban and rural - satisfied with opportunities to provide input
  • Community is confident in how tax dollars are managed
  • Public engagement efforts and information sharing mechanisms are innovative and accessible

Goal 8: Foster an environment for safe communities

  • Law enforcement, emergency and social services respond to community risk
  • Proactive safety education and community involvement
  • Utility infrastructure provides safe, clean water, manages wastewater treatment, and provides effective stormwater management
  • Citizens feel safe to express themselves in ways that represent their values, beliefs and lifestyles
  • Transportation network, including trails, allows people and goods to move safely and efficiently

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