Broadband, business retention and mental health programs main focus for Council COVID-19 Task Force report

April 28, 2021

Broadband, business retention and mental health programs main focus for Council COVID-19 Task Force report

Council has now approved the final report from Council’s three COVID-19 task forces which include strategies, partnerships and initiatives to guide the community’s short, medium and long-term recovery from the pandemic.

The County will continue to focus on task force recommendations on community safety and well-being, economic and financial support and providing stable, accessible programs during and after the pandemic.

Over the last 12 months, feedback from the community highlighted the need for equitable broadband access to support urban and rural businesses, industries and residents to stay connected, attend school, conduct business and work remotely. Feedback also highlighted a heightened need to support mental health.

The County’s Broadband Project will help support these needs and make it easier for residents and businesses to access supports and services that contribute to the community’s well-being, such as mental health and financial supports, recreation and culture programs, and community connection and inclusion.

Through ongoing messaging and partnerships, the County is also trying to remove any stigmas attached to seeking mental health and social supports including increasing awareness of and access to available supports, implementing programs and services that support community safety, connections and diversity, and collaboratively developing a Community Safety and Well-being Strategy.

The task forces recognized economic and financial stability is also critical to our community’s well-being, and the County will continue efforts to support a thriving, stable economy through relaunch support tools, policy adjustments to support business re-openings, business attraction and retention, diversification, collaboration on local affordable housing and local investment opportunities.

The work done by the task forces over the last year continues to guide Strathcona County to further the community’s ongoing recovery and resilience. A comprehensive list of projects and next steps, as well as the task force final report is available on the task force webpages at


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