Mobility Bus fares decreasing

June 18, 2018

Mobility Bus fares decreasing

As part of its commitment to building communities to support the diverse needs of its residents, Strathcona County is reducing its Mobility Bus transit fares, as of July 1, 2018. The new Mobility Bus fares will match the fares for fixed-route local and commuter service. 

In addition, Mobility Bus riders will have access to new monthly local and commuter passes, and senior tickets. The monthly Mobility Bus pass now enables clients to qualify for the Everybody Rides subsidized fare program.

“This important fare adjustment lessens the financial impact for Mobility Bus riders to get to medical appointments, work and social activities throughout Sherwood Park and into the Edmonton region,” says Mayor Rod Frank. “This change is anticipated to increase overall access to affordable specialized transit, ultimately resulting in improved quality of life for residents.”

The change comes as a result of the Transit Fare Strategy, approved by Council in September 2016. Transit currently provides accessible transit (Mobility Bus) service locally within Sherwood Park, commuter service to Edmonton, and rural service. Recognizing the importance of providing equal service to Mobility Bus clients, Strathcona County focused on achieving fare parity through the Transit Fare Strategy. In anticipation of increased ridership due to the lower fares, Strathcona County has increased the size of the Mobility Bus fleet, and invested in new scheduling software to best meet the needs of its riders.

July monthly passes for Mobility Bus riders will be available beginning June 22, 2018 at the Bethel Transit Terminal and Shoppers Drug Mart on Wye Road. The new monthly adult commuter passes will be $108.50 and monthly adult local passes will be $54.25. Senior monthly commuter passes will be $32.55 and monthly senior local passes will be $16.30.

One-way cash fares for commuter service will be $6.20 (reduced from $7.75) and $3.10 (reduced from $5) for local trips. A ten-pack of local tickets will be $23.30 (reduced from $45) and a ten-pack of commuter tickets will be $46.50 (reduced from $70). Senior fare ten-pack pricing is also available.

There will be no change to rural fares into Sherwood Park, as there is no fixed-route transit service to align with.

Complete price list or call 780-449-9680 for further information.

Set in the centre of Alberta’s energy and agricultural heartland, Strathcona County is a thriving, successful and vibrant community of over 98,000 residents. Strathcona County is made up of the urban area of Sherwood Park and a large adjacent rural area of farms, acreages and smaller hamlets. It is home to 75 per cent of refining in Western Canada. With a focus on economic, governance, social, cultural and environmental sustainability, Strathcona County is committed to balancing the unique needs of its diverse community.


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