April Fools: County piloting new technology for dog owners

April 1, 2018

April Fools: County piloting new technology for dog owners

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools release, as shown below! We had great fun scheming.

As a friendly reminder, dog licence renewals were due by March 31, 2018 so please renew if you haven't already!

Movie magic just took a four-legged step into reality, thanks to the hard work of Strathcona County’s technology engineers and Enforcement Services officers.

Beginning this spring, Strathcona County is piloting Word Fetch, a dog collar that translates a dog’s barks into basic sentences, using a patented language algorithm converter.

“I was inspired by the movie Up to find a way to bridge the gap between cartoon concepts and real life,” said Doug E. Dawg, the lead creator of the dog collar. “Clearly, dogs understand us when we speak to them. Through the Word Fetch Collar, we’re now able to understand what dogs are saying back to us.”

Designed to adjust to all shapes and sizes, the collar’s technology is being tested by Enforcement Services officers and their dogs, as part of patrol duties at local dog parks.

“Now that these collars are available in our community, we have noted dog barking complaints going way down, because owners immediately understand what the dog is concerned about,” explains Enforcement Services Officer Kay Nine. “We’re also able to check in with dogs for information relating to any suspicious activity in the neighbourhoods.”

Top phrases noted during initial testing included: “I want back inside. Now outside. Now inside. Is that treat for me? That person doesn’t belong here! Squirrel! Can we play now? How about now? I missed you!” Neighbourhood barking conversations revealed a lot of questions about the location of grey cats.

As an added bonus, the collar can also relay messages for the dog to remind its owner about upcoming deadlines, such as annual dog licensing renewals every March 31. “Who’s a good dog? I am! Can I wear my licence tag now?”

Dog owners wishing to take part in the pilot program are invited to email Enforcement Services.

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