Council approves 2019 budget

December 6, 2018

Council approves 2019 budget

Strathcona County Council today approved the 2019 budget and the 2020-2022 budgets in principle.

Budget 2019 represents the first year of a multi-year planning and execution approach, resulting in a more robust business case process and increased rigour around resource planning. This approach, along with continued prudent spending and a focus on ever-greater efficiency, has enabled the organization to build on its strengths, and to maintain that position going forward.

Budget 2019 calls for a 0.83 per cent tax dollar increase. A sample single-family residential property assessed at $435,000 will see an increase of $15.05 per year for municipal services. The planned tax rate for the 2020-2022 budgets are 1.13, 1.03 and 0.42 per cent, respectively.

“Budget deliberations were more involved this year, as Council reviewed the organization’s first-ever four year budget,” says Mayor Frank. “The budget approved for 2019, as well as the recommended budgets for the following three years are reasonable. I am pleased we were able to keep taxes low, while maintaining and, in many cases, increasing service levels.

“This budget is part of a solid foundation to support citizens and families in a recovering economy and to provide certainty to business and industry to create prosperity and jobs.” 

The consolidated operating budget approved for 2019 amounts to $371 million. In addition to maintaining the core services that enhance Strathcona County residents’ quality of life, the budget funds new services, and several important initiatives that advance Council’s strategic vision.

New initiatives for 2019 include a functional planning study for the roads in the County’s southwest quadrant, a social framework annual awareness initiative and summit, and a medical services delivery model pilot program.

The approved 2019 capital budget of $63.8 million invests in maintaining County infrastructure, and provides for new infrastructure to support services. Planned capital budgets for 2020-2023 are $100M, $40M, $41M and $43M, respectively.

Capital projects for 2019 include final construction of the Ardrossan Park, design and construction of the Collingwood Cove lift station, and the widening of Wye Road between Estate Drive and Clover Bar Road.

The final municipal tax rate is approved in the spring of 2019. In addition to the municipal property tax requirement, the consolidated tax rate will factor in requisition amounts for provincial education, the Strathcona County Library, and the Heartland Housing Foundation.

County user fees and charges have had some changes. Utility fees for water, wastewater, stormwater management, and solid waste collection will increase by 2.41 per cent or $36.67 per year for the average urban residential utility customer in 2019.

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