City of Edmonton and Strathcona County joint planning study to guide collaboration

May 18, 2016

City of Edmonton and Strathcona County joint planning study to guide collaboration

The City of Edmonton and Strathcona County have a new tool to guide and improve collaboration and communication on infrastructure and planning along their shared 40km boundary. The two municipalities recently completed and signed a Joint Planning Study: Boundary Interface Protocols and Strategies.

“Land development near municipal boundaries is complex because there are different regulations on each side of the boundary,” says Ryan Hall, manager Land Development Planning, Strathcona County. “Growth and development on each side of the border affects planning and infrastructure. We work closely with the City of Edmonton and our regional counterparts so that development near our boundaries considers all stakeholders, regardless of jurisdiction. We are excited about the completion of this Joint Planning Study, because it strengthens our inter-municipal relationship.”

“This Joint Planning Study is about more than just geography and sharing a common boundary,” says Lindsey Butterfield, acting director for Regional Planning at the City of Edmonton. “It demonstrates leadership in cooperation between regional partners, acknowledging the actions of one municipality affect its neighbour. It forms a foundation for future discussions that support regional prosperity for citizens.”

A current example of joint planning and collaboration is the work related to protecting water quality in the North Saskatchewan River. Development can impact creeks that run through both municipalities and flow into the river potentially impacting water quality. Both municipalities work together to implement strategies to preserve and protect water quality for all citizens.

Regional Planning is important because environmental, social and economic issues often cross municipal boundaries and require collaborative solutions. It is required to help manage residential growth, plan efficient transportation networks, and protect natural areas. Working collaboratively on issues with a regional focus instead of individual municipal boundaries enables a stronger and more effective outcome.

For more information and to view the Joint Planning Study:

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