County moves forward with Bremner for growth

March 23, 2016

County moves forward with Bremner for growth

Council has endorsed the Urban Reserve (Bremner) as its next area for urban development, following an extensive review of growth management strategies for both the Bremner and Colchester growth nodes. Administration has been directed by Council to develop an Area Concept Plan, the next step in more detailed planning for Bremner.

“This debate has been long and difficult for administration, our citizens and members of five different councils,” says Strathcona County Mayor Roxanne Carr. “This Council has delivered on its promise to make a decision. We remain committed to supporting logical, efficient and financially-sustainable smart growth. This approach minimizes the footprint of development, while optimizing existing and new infrastructure.”

Council has also directed administration to include consideration of land use options within the rural/urban transition policy area (Colchester) in the current Municipal Development Plan review.

Located in the area east of Highway 21 and north of Highway 16, the Bremner plan area has a population capacity at full build out by 2054 of 54,000 people, employment potential of 9,800 jobs and net developable land area of 1,206 hectares.

The Capital Region is expected to grow by more than 620,000 people by 2044. Strathcona County is anticipated to grow by between 45,000 and 67,000 people in that time. The County anticipates Sherwood Park will likely be built out within 10 years. 

“Planning for our next urban community must begin now to ensure we can accommodate our share of the regional population to live and work over the next 30 to 50 years,” says Mayor Carr.

The $1.1 m cost of developing the two growth management strategies has provided a foundation that will inform the process moving forward. Learn more about the Bremner Growth Management Strategy.


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