Ban announced on non-essential water use

February 26, 2016

Ban announced on non-essential water use

Effective immediately, Strathcona County has announced a ban on non-essential water use. The ban applies to residents in Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, Josephburg, Half Moon Lake, Collingwood Cove, Antler Lake, and Fultonvale. Country residential areas must also reduce their water use.

The ban is required due to an emergency repair on one of the main water lines into Sherwood Park. The ban is expected to be in effect until Sunday, February 28. This includes some time to refill the County’s reservoirs.

For the duration of the ban, residents should:

  • take very short showers
  • only flush toilets when necessary
  • postpone laundry and dish washing
  • suspend filling hot tubs, pools or large aquariums
  • use as little water as possible on a daily basis

“To help make sure we have enough water in our reservoirs for drinking, cooking, and critical activities like firefighting, we need to reduce our water use to extend our supply,” said Darrin Wenzel, acting director, Utilities. “Residents can also help us out by sharing this information with family and friends.”

If you see someone using a lot of water, you may want to make them aware of the ban or call Utilities at 780-467-7785 to report violations.

Water truck fill stations in Sherwood Park, Ardrossan and Half Moon Lake are closed.  

Updates on the water ban will be available on a 24-hour recording, 780-417-2398, on the website at and on Facebook and Twitter.

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