An end to train whistles in Ardrossan

August 10, 2015

An end to train whistles in Ardrossan

Strathcona County is working to stop routine train whistling on Highway 824 (Range Road 222) at Ardrossan. With increased train traffic over the last few years, many residents are concerned about the increased frequency of the whistles.

There is a detailed process required to stop train whistling called Train Whistle Cessation.  Because the sounding of train whistles is a federally mandated practice, municipalities must follow Transportation Canada’s process to stop their use.

“Train whistling is a safety measure,” says Ryan Anders, Manager of Traffic Engineering and Safety. “Before we can stop train whistles at this location, we must make some changes to maintain safety at the crossing.”

Residents can expect to see construction at this location in late August 2015.  The most obvious change will be the installation of a six-foot-high, chain-link fence extending approximately 400 metres from the crossing on each side of the track. With the crossing’s proximity to the Ardrossan Recreation Centre and the hamlet, the fence is being put in place to discourage pedestrians from accessing the tracks.

Once construction is completed, Transport Canada will perform a final inspection of the area. If the inspection is approved, Strathcona County will bring forward a resolution to Council to stop whistling at this location.

Once the resolution is in place, routine whistling will stop at this location. In the event of extenuating circumstances, such as a power outage, conductors maintain the overriding authority to sound the train whistle at their discretion.

Residents interested in learning more about this project or other train whistle cessation projects in the County are encouraged to visit the project webpage.

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