Face coverings (non-medical masks)

State of Public Health Emergency

New: The Province is limiting outdoor, private social gatherings to 20 people with a minimum of two metres physical distancing between households.

The County has adopted the Restrictions Exemption Program. Proof of vaccination, negative privately-paid COVID test result or medical exemption is required for non-essential County services, along with ID (18+). Proof is not required for essential services including voting, paying bills, counselling and navigation services, and riding Transit.

Youth ages 12-17 do not need to show vaccination proof, negative COVID test or exemption if they are participating only in sport, fitness or performance activities. If they are spectating, they will need proof. Test distributed by schools are provided by AHS and are not accepted for facility entrance.

Check the frequent questions for what types of vaccination proof we accept.

Under the provincial State of Public Health Emergency, provincial measures mandate physical distancing (where possible) and mandatory masking in all indoor spaces, workplaces and public vehicles province-wide.

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Non-medical mask

Everyone's comfort level will be different. Please treat each other with kindness, patience and respect.

Masking, physical distancing and proof of vaccination required

The County has adopted the provincial Restriction Exemption Program (REP). To access non-essential services such as recreation facilities, Festival Place, Strathcona County Museum and Archives and Gallery@501, please be prepared to present ID (18+), proof of vaccination, medical exemption or privately-paid negative COVID-19 test result. Proof of vaccination, medical exemption or negative COVID test is not required for essential services including transit, counselling, voting and paying bills, and is not required for youth participating in sport, fitness or performance activities only (no spectating).

Under the provincial mandate, masks and physical distancing are mandatory in all indoor public places, workplaces and public vehicles across Alberta including includes taxis, transit, school buses, rideshares, grocery stores, shopping malls, indoor public events, health care settings, testing sites and long-term care facilities. Masking and distancing rules apply even if the operator has adopted the REP.


Print posters for mask wearing:


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