Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

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In alignment with Strathcona County's Strategic Plan, the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) advises Council on issues related to the environment and assists Administration and Council with environmental policies by providing a resident perspective. The four points below outline the duties and responsibilities of the committee:

  • Provide strategic advice and information on the development and implementation of the County's environmental policies.
  • Participate in events to increase public awareness of the County's environmental policies.
  • Provide input on opportunities for resident education in response to environment policies.
  • Attend Beaver Hills Initiative (BHI) meetings (board and/or working group(s) to provide public input.

As a Council Committee, the EAC is governed by both the  Boards and Committees Bylaw 46-2015, and Bylaw 63-2015 an amendment of the Boards and Committees Bylaw, which serves to refine the EAC's terms of reference. More information on Boards and Committees is available on the Legislative and Legal Services (LLS) webpage.  

Committee initiatives  

  •  In 2016, the EAC has launched a series of monthly information campaigns on emerging environmental topics. More information on identified topics is posted at the side of this page.
  • The Strathcona County Reduction of Abandoned Products (SCRAP) Initiative, the first of its kind in Canada, is a County-wide program to encourage the removal of abandoned products from private properties for proper disposal or recycling.

            SCRAP Program Brochure


Citizen members

Name Status Term Term expiry
Blaine Alexander Voting member 1st Term December 31, 2019
Darren Diprose Voting member 1st Term December 31, 2020
Perry Eddy, Vice-Chair Voting member 1st Term December 31, 2020
Emilia Housch, Chair Voting member 1st Term December 31, 2019
Bill Reynolds Voting member 1st Term December 31, 2019
James Richards Voting member 1st Term December 31, 2019

Elected Official members

Name Status Term expiry*
Councillor Robert Parks  Non-voting December 31, 2019 
Councillor Katie Berghofer  Non-voting/Alternate December 31, 2019 

*The terms of the Elected Official members will commence on January 1, 2018 and will expire on the dates listed above, or upon such person ceasing to be an Elected Official.  


The schedule for the meetings of the Environmental Advisory Committee is below.

Date Location Room Time Agenda Minutes
Wed, Jan 23, 2019 County Hall Conference Centre 1 6 to 8 p.m. January 23, 2019 Agenda(62.3 KB) January 23, 2019 minutes (80.3 KB)
Wed, Feb 13, 2019 County Hall  Meeting Room L3 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. February 13, 2019 Agenda(62.3 KB) February 13, 2019 minutes (80.9 KB)
Wed, March 6, 2019 County Hall Meeting Room L1 6 to 8 p.m. March 6, 2019 Agenda (59.6 KB) March 6, 2019 minutes (75.2 KB)
Wed, May 1, 2019 County Hall Meeting Room L1 6 to 8 p.m. May 1, 2019 Agenda (61.3 KB) May 1, 2019 minutes (75.7 KB)
Wed, Sep 18, 2019 County Hall Community Centre Meeting Room 1 6 to 8 p.m. Meeting has been cancelled due to multiple meeting conflicts.  
Wed, Nov 27, 2019 County Hall Community Centre Meeting Room 1 6 to 8 p.m. November 27, 2019 Agenda (73.4 KB)

Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the above listed meetings to observe the meeting and discussion carried out by the Environmental Advisory Committee.  However, members of the public may only participate in a meeting of and make representations to the Environmental Advisory Committee in accordance with the Boards and Committees Bylaw.

Contact information

Environmental Planning
Phone: 780-464-8047
Email: eac@strathcona.ca

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