The COVID-19 Economic Resilience and Vision Task Force was established by Bylaw 31-2020 (66.8 KB) .

The Task Force provided policy and legislative recommendations to Council on COVID-19 economic recovery, resilience and vision, support for business and industry, and support for the local economy overall.


April 27, 2021

Economic and financial supports and security remain top priorities for residents, businesses, organizations and Strathcona County. Over the past year, the task force implemented different ways to address these priorities and identify gaps and key learnings to best support economic and financial stability, including: 

  • Supporting and attracting local businesses through virtual webinars, relaunch tools, business directories and targeted campaigns
  • Policy adjustments to support business re-openings
  • Investing in new energy and petrochemical opportunities with Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association 
  • Establishing the Industrial Heartland Incentive Tax Exemption Bylaw to attract more industrial projects
  • Regional collaboration on sector development, economic lead generation, infrastructure projects for federal stimulus funding
  • Intermunicipal collaboration initiatives with Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon County, Bruderheim and Beaver County
  • Partnerships and and campaigns to attract people and encourage economic stimulation 
  • An affordable housing estimate completed in partnership with Heartland Housing Foundation and the Social Framework Leadership Table
  • Reviewing market affordability and opportunities to support housing needs 
  • Utility and tax deferrals, reduced payments and re-payment plans

Next steps

Strathcona County will continue the work initiated under the task forces, including:

  • Supporting developer investments in the community
  • Implementing the Triage Business Retention and Expansion program
  • Exploring options for ongoing implementation of the foreign direct investment strategy
  • Working with large industrial proponents in the County to assess available economic diversification programs and gaps
  • Continuing to work with community partners to work with community partners to address Housing Needs and Demand Assessment Report, and develop a community-led approach to affordable housing
  • Exploring alternative funding options with community partners to support the Community Cares program

Read the April 27, 2021 final report in full:  Task force final report - April 27, 2021 (518.1 KB)

Read the February 23, 2021 progress report in full:  Task force progress report - February 23, 2020 (162.8 KB)

Read the November 24, 2020 progress report in full:  Task force progress report - November 24, 2020 (157.7 KB)




Members Status
Brian Botterill Regular Voting
Robert Parks Regular Voting
Bill Tonita (Chair) Regular Voting
Rod Frank Ex-officio

Member terms commenced on May 12, 2020 and continue throughout the term of the task force. 


2021 Meetings

2020 Meetings


Planning documents

COVID-19 Economic Resilience and Vision Task Force Powerpoint Presentation (1.5 MB)

Workplan COVID-19 Economic Resilience and Vision Task Force (563.3 KB)

Contact information

Phone: 780-464-8140

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