COVID-19 Citizen and Community Support Task Force

Progress update

A progress report was presented to Council on February 23, 2021.

The COVID-19 Citizen and Community Support Task Force is established by Bylaw 32-2020. (61.6 KB)

The Task Force will provide policy and legislative recommendations to Council on resident and community support in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic and recovery, helping to ensure that Council's legislative framework and decisions support a coordinated response to resident and community needs during and after the Pandemic, to contribute to well-being, safety and resilience, and to support community rebuilding and recovery.


February 23, 2021

The community's mental health continues to be a top priority as the pandemic reaches its one-year anniversary. Strain on mental health is felt both by the community and organizations that provide support services. The task forces have focused on increasing the reach and awareness of mental health campaigns as well as supporting vulnerable residents and exploring community safety. Since November 2020: 

  • A government of Alberta COVID-19 grant was used to provide over $9,000 in food gift cards to support households facing food insecurity.
  • The first affordable housing estimate was completed in partnership with Heartland Housing Foundation and the Social Framework Leadership Table.
  • Short videos aimed at reducing stigma and normalizing support seeking were developed and published, reaching over 289,000 people.
  • Partnered with Sherwood Park banks to provide social supports information available to clients and staff.
  • Provided Traumatic Events Systems Training to 120 staff and members of Council, as well as staff from 20 different community organization to support their response and supports during a crisis.
  • Work continues on the Violence-Threat-Risk Assessment/Traumatic Events System/Suicide Prevention protocol to increase community safety.
  • Increased community signs that provide awareness and information about social supports available through the County.
  • Shared the "Healthy at Home" program with caregivers, remote workers and business owners to strengthen existing supports, share community well-being events and address overall well-being.
  • Hosted the Winter Freeze Festival and Celebration of Lights with free activities for all ages and abilities.
  • Offered outdoor activities that foster inclusivity and accessibility, including sledge skating, snowshoeing, skiing and preschool activities.
  • Increased the number of outdoor rinks and added a dog park to meet high demand.
  • Offered virtual programming for all ages, abilities, interests and incomes.
  • Began a staged approach to return residents to individual training and facility use.
  • In addition, over $21,000 was provided in grant-funded utilities supports through the community cares program.

Read the February 23, 2021 report in full:  Task force progress report - February 23, 2021 (162.8 KB)

Read the November 24, 2020 report in full:  Task force progress report - November 24, 2020 (157.7 KB)

Read some of the ways Strathcona County is adapting its services and programs and responding to COVID-19.

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Members Status
Katie Berghofer (Chair) Regular Voting
Linton Delainey Regular Voting
Glen Lawrence Regular Voting
Rod Frank Ex-officio

Member terms commenced May 12, 2020 and continue throughout the term of the task force. 

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Planning documents

COVID-19 Citizen and Community Support Task Force Powerpoint Presentation (1.4 MB)

Workplan COVID-19 Citizen and Community Support Task Force (2.1 MB)

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