Department structure

Platoon Chief pointing to a fire

The Management Team is made up of four Chief Officers and two Assistant Chiefs:

  • Fire Chief and Director, Director of Emergency Management
  • Deputy Chief - Operations
  • Deputy Chief - Human Resources and Logistics
  • Deputy Chief - Community Safety and Emergency Communications
  • Assistant Chief - Strategic Services
  • Assistant Chief - Emergency Management; Deputy Director of Emergency Management

The Operations branch is made up of four Platoons. Full time operations staff are trained as fire and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals. Part-time (paid on call) firefighters provide initial fire suppression and medical first response.

The Emergency Communications Centre provides 9-1-1 call answer and fire dispatch to several municipalities. The branch is made up of a Division Chief - Communications, a Captain - Communications and four Lieutenant - Communications and full and part time Communications Operators.

The Fire Prevention and Investigation division is responsible for determining cause and origin of fires within the County, inspecting occupancies as directed by the provincially accredited Quality Management Plan and other prevention activities. The branch consists of a Fire Marshal, a Captain - Fire Prevention & Investigation, a Fire Protection Engineer, two Lieutenants and Fire Inspectors. 

The Occupational Health, Safety and Training branch develops, implements and oversees safety programs for SCES. The branch consists of a Division Chief of Occupational Health, Safety and Training, a Captain and two Lieutenants, Occupational Health, Safety and Training.

The Strathcona County Emergency Management Agency was established in 2010 and is responsible for all aspects of emergency management for the County. The branch is overseen by the Assistant Chief - Emergency Management. Community Safety Educators can be seen in Strathcona County, teaching residents how to prevent an unsafe situation and what to do in an emergency.

The Strategic Services division was established in 2011 and is comprised of the service and support team for all other components of the department. The branch is overseen by the Assistant Chief - Strategic Services.

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