Youth Council Testimonials

Hear it straight from the source

"I joined Youth Council because: I wanted to be connected to my community, build leadership skills and self confidence, and feel like I had a voice that was listened to by community decision-makers about youth issues (everything from graffiti to the environment)."
- Grade 12 member

"Youth Council was and still is a positive influence in my life. Mixed with awareness and activities regarding youth issues were the fun and friends."
- Youth Council alumnus

 "I joined the Youth Council to make a difference in my community."
- Grade 9 member

"I love our (Youth Council) enthusiasm towards new ideas!"
- Grade 9 member

"What I get out of Youth Council is friends from other schools across the County, the sense that I am making a real difference and having my voice heard, great skills like public speaking and planning projects, access to local youth opportunities, reference letters and volunteer experience for jobs/school portfolios, and lots of fun with like-minded youth."
- Grade 12 member

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