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Reach Out. Speak Out.

Build healthy relationships and end family violence.

Everyone has a role to play in creating a helping, caring and safe community that embraces all individuals’ personal well-being, builds healthy relationships and ends family violence.

What is your role in building a safe community?

  • 1. White Ribbon Initiative

    Take the pledge. Wear a White Ribbon as a symbol of your commitment to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence.

    What is the White Ribbon Campaign?

    The White Ribbon Campaign is part of an international movement that symbolizes people’s commitment towards positive relationships. Established in 1991 by a small group of Canadian men, the campaign urges men to speak out against violence against women. Now in almost 60 countries, the White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women and girls, and to promote gender equality, healthy relationships, and a new vision of masculinity.

    Who can wear a White Ribbon?

    All residents are encouraged to show their commitment to healthy relationships by wearing a White Ribbon and taking the pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence.

    White ribbons are available at County facilities and the Bethel Transit Centre, free of charge throughout the month of November.

    Check out the White Ribbon website.

    For more information on community education and awareness, call Family and Community Services at 780-464-4044 or email familyandcommunity@strathcona.ca


  • 2. "All Walks of Life" Exhibit

    Through a collective unified voice A Safe Place, Victim Services, Saffron, Men as Allies and Strathcona County are committed to bring awareness to the complex social issue of family violence through the Reach Out. Speak Out. Campaign and the “All Walks of Life” Exhibit.

    The “All Walks of Life” Exhibit, consists of hundreds of pairs of shoes placed in public facilities throughout the County during the month of November. The shoes, of all sizes, are a visual reminder that people affected by family violence come from all walks of life regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, or economic status.

    The goals of the exhibit are to generate discussions on personal well-being, and healthy relationships, as well as to commemorate and honour the lives of individuals affected by family violence. Most importantly, the exhibit encourages people on how they can reach out and speak out within their own lives to put an end to family violence. The exhibit, and information handouts, also aims to educate the community about the varying degrees of family violence; while highlighting that people affected by family violence are not alone, and there are resources and supports available for those who are at risk.

    The community is invited to add their voice to the conversation by answering the questions:

    How will you reach out to someone who needs help?

    How will you speak out against violence and abuse?

    Visit the exhibits throughout November in the following locations:

    • Sherwood Park Mall (2020 Sherwood Drive),
    • Strathcona County Library (401 Festival Lane),
    • Baseline Chiropractic and Wellness (Nov. 8-19, 222 Baseline Road),
    • CrossFit Sherwood Park (Nov. 8-19, 250 Sioux Road),
    • Strathcona County RCMP and Enforcement Services (911 Bison Way),
    • Bethel Transit Terminal (650 Bethel Drive),
    • Strathcona County Community Centre (401 Festival Lane),
    • Millennium Place (2000 Premier Way),
    • Ardrossan Recreation Centre (1st Ave, Ardrossan),
    • Sherwood Park Arena (2015 Oak Street).

    We would like to thank the following for their support with this project:

    • A Safe Place
    • Victim Services
    • Saffron Sexual Assault Centre
    • Men As Allies
    • Strathcona County Library
    • Sherwood Park Mall
    • Baseline Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
    • CrossFit Sherwood Park
    • Strathcona County RCMP and Enforcement Services
    • Bethel Transit Terminal
    • Strathcona County Facilities
    • Recreation Parks and Culture
    • Utilities
    • F.R. Haythorne Junior High
    • Ardrossan Junior Senior High

    Thank you to the many volunteers who helped build the All Walks of Life exhibit.

    The shoes in the “All Walks of Life” exhibit were loaned to this initiative thanks to

    Strathcona County schools that participated in the Waste Reduction Week shoe drive 2017.

    For more information on community education and awareness, call Family and Community Services at 780-464-4044.

  • 3. Community Education

    THREE Things You Might Not Know About Family Violence

    1. Family violence is happening in Strathcona County… it may be affecting somebody close to you.

    2. Children are harmed by family violence, even if they are not directly exposed to the violence.

    3. Seven out of ten victims of spousal violence turn to informal sources of support such as friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.

    Empowered by information and understanding we can overcome our hesitation to help and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Our Community Educator can customize FREE opportunities for your staff, community teams and residents.

    For more information on community education and awareness, call Family and Community Services at 780-464-4044 or email familyandcommunity@strathcona.ca

  • 4. Community Groups

    Members of our community who are creating positive change.

    Men as Allies

    The Men as Allies are a local men who recognize that everyone has a role to play in ending family violence. These engaged men are committed to ending family violence and bringing awareness to this social issue.

    The Men as Allies are building a strong healthy community through

    • Raising awareness on the meaningful role boys and men have in eliminating family violence and building healthy relationships.
    • Engaging men and boys in prevention of family violence and the development of healthy relationships; and
    • Providing recommendations and support towards ongoing community prevention initiatives.

    If you are interested in joining one of the community groups, call Family and Community Services at 780-464-4044 or email familyandcommunity@strathcona.ca

  • 5. Become a Volunteer Advocate

    Are you looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity to network, give back to the community and meet new people?

    Look no further! A new opportunity awaits you at:

For more information:

Phone: 780-464-4044
Fax: 780-449-1220
Email: communitytalk@strathcona.ca

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