Ages and Stages

Baby boy playing with peg-puzzle

Curious about your child's development?

Learn what you can expect at various ages & stages. You can complete a questionnaire that provides a look at your child’s expected milestones for his/her age. You can also stop by Parent Link and ask a resource worker for a questionnaire.

You can now complete an Ages & Stages Questionnaire or a Social-Emotional Questionnaire online.

Toddlers Don't Just Toddle 

Sensitive periods in early brain development

Sensitive periods are times of increased opportunity to positively affect development, and increased risk to hamper development. 

Critical Years are birth to three: 

  • Most important period for human development  
  • Lay the foundation for all later development  
  • Impact lifelong learning, behaviour, health and well-being

Wondering what to expect at each age and stage?

Looking for ideas to try at home? 

Are you looking to read more about a parenting topic?

  • Strathcona County Library has booklists of terrific titles read and recommended by SCL staff. You can also find print copies in the Library.

Want to find out more?

  • Zero To Three Child Development
    • Includes tips and tools for parents of children 0-3 with questions on challenging behaviours, early development, health/nutrition, promoting social/emotional development, play, sleep, etc. 
  • The Brain Story
    • Learn about how early experiences shape brain development. Offers short videos to inform parents and community about how and when to best support children and families to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Triple P: The Power of Positive Parenting
    • Find out more about skill building for parents and caregivers. Offers a variety of learning opportunities including online, group or individual sessions. Search for a provider or session near you!

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