Child care FAQs for parents

What are my child care options?

Licensed and Approved Child Care

These programs are monitored and inspected to ensure that they follow government rules and standards set out in the Child Care Licensing Act.

Unlicensed Child Care

Child Care Licensing Regulations

These caregivers are independent and not monitored. They must also follow the Child Care Licensing Act.

How do I find child care in Strathcona County?

There are several options to finding childcare.

  1. Use the Strathcona County Child Care Information Bank (available June 15). It is a list of local child care providers (licensed, approved and unlicensed) who have voluntarily requested to be included on this list. Minimally, all caregivers listed must have satisfactory criminal record checks.
  2. Use the Alberta Government Look-up Tool (licensed and approved care) 
  3. Ask family, friends, neighbours and colleagues

What does Accredited mean? Does it cost more?

Child Care accreditation is a voluntary process through which licensed child care and approved family day homes can demonstrate that they meet the accreditation standards of excellence which are over and above the provincial regulations and standards. The government acknowledges accredited programs by topping-up staff wages. As a result, often there is no increased cost for these programs.

How do I apply for child care subsidy? 

Help for eligible low and middle-income parents to assist with child care costs for child age 0-7 is available through the Alberta Government. Phone 780-644-9992 or apply online.

How do I find quality child care?

Strathcona County Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care (7.5 MB)

What can I do if I have concerns about my child care situation?

If the problem cannot be resolved, or if you no longer feel good about the care your child is receiving, the best solution may be to change your child care arrangement. 
If your child is being cared for in an approved family day home or in a licensed child care setting and you believe that standards are not being met, take immediate action. Call your local child and family services at 780-427-0444.

If you know or suspect that a child is being abused, you must report it – it is the law! You can make a report any time, day or night, by calling the Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-387-KIDS (5437).

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