Stress-Free Holidays

Be Stress-Free this Christmas!

Tips for a stress-free holiday

The holiday season is often a time to celebrate happy gatherings with friends and family, but for some it can represent increased stress and challenges.

Financial pressures, an overload of commitments, possible strained family relationships can all contribute to increased stress during this time of year. People experiencing recent grief from the loss of a loved one or divorce, or those struggling with addictions and/or mental illness, may find they are even more susceptible to challenges during the holidays.

Isolated individuals may also find this time of year especially difficult. Family violence may even increase this time of year due to increased stress and pressures and the accessibility to and celebrations surrounding alcohol. 

Finding support over the holidays

If the holiday season is beginning to overwhelm you, there is help. Family and Community Services offers several options:

Walk-in counselling sessions:

  • Professional counselling with no appointment,  "pay what you can afford" services (ranging from no cost up to $90/session).

Weekly Drop-in groups:

  • Groups are also available for adults to gather together for support and encouragement. These professionally facilitated gatherings provide a space to discuss and strategize how to best navigate life's challenges. Find out more about these free adult counselling groups

Need immediate help? Here is a listing of 24-hour crisis contact numbers.

The following articles provide helpful, relevant information during the holiday season. 

Connecting with Your Teens During the Holidays 

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with family after busy days of school, work and extracurricular activities. Here are some tips to intentionally connect with your teen over the holidays.

  • Continue family traditions 
  • Engage with your teen online 
  • Involve your teen in the holiday planning process 
  • Balance family and friends 
  • Visit these websites for tips on keeping holiday stress in check: Managing Holiday Stress

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