County Hall service counter and view into lobby area

The modernization of County Hall main floor was completed in spring 2021. This work was necessary to upgrade the safety and materials of the building, improving the work environment and the customer experience.

Improved customer experience

New central service counters installed for Assessment and Tax and Planning and Development Services enable improved accessibility and customer service. Other upgrades include barrier free washrooms and modern public meeting spaces. The main floor had not undergone a major renovation since it was built in 1976. Outdated and showing wear, many of the original components needed to be replaced.

All services temporarily relocated during the construction period have returned to their County Hall location. These include:

NEW - Accessing County Hall 

The main entrance to County Hall is through the Community Centre, or by entering through the East or West plaza entrances located where County Hall and the Community Centre buildings connect. The south entrance to County Hall is permanently closed to the public.

Safety features and upgrades

Overall, the modernization project has replaced and upgraded old building systems with new energy efficient systems (e.g., LED lighting). The original skylight feature had also reached the end of its lifecycle and has been replaced with a new model. Increased safety features include staff-only areas closed to the public, fewer public points of entry into County Hall, and strategic use of glass doors and open space.

Alex Janvier artwork

The Alex Janvier staircase mural remains the focal point of the main floor, with the new surrounding colour palette and furnishings selected to complement the artwork. Restoration of the Janvier artwork is underway by a paintings conservator, to be completed in October 2021.

Alex Janvier staircase mural in County Hall main floor

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