Emerald Hills Urban Village


Emerald Hills Urban Village (EHUV) is a 20 hectare (50 acre) diverse neighbourhood development within Sherwood Park, Alberta.

The project facilitates and enhances a new culture for planning and development.

Where is it located?
The EHUV is located in the north east of Sherwood Park near Highway 16 and Cloverbar Road.

What is the objective for Emerald Hills Urban Village?
Emerald Hills Urban Village follows the concept that a sustainable community and quality of life are instrinsically connected.

The project uses technology to reduce energy and resources while the design focuses on the natural environment to enhance well-being.

The plan allows for diversity in employment, business and housing to bring in a range of ages and lifestyles to the area. A sense of community is enabled through culture, art and places to interact. All elements within the project interconnect to build a sense of community.

Who is involved?
This project is a collaborative partnership where both the public and private sector are working together with shared vision and values. The developers involved are:

Christenson Developments
Cameron Development Corporation
Best Communities (By Landmark)
Genstar Development Company

The planning frameworkThe Area Structure Plan, Area Concept Plan and Land Use Bylaw outline the framework for the development of this project.

As proposed in the Area Structure Plan and reflected in the zoning, the Emerald Hills Urban Village will incorporate a variety of development types, including:

  • Independent living townhomes and side-by-side duplexes
  • Multi-family condominium apartments
  • Seniors apartment housing
  • Residential over commercial
  • Long term care facility
  • Commercial and retail

How will these concepts be implemented?
The project centres on enabling and fostering sustainability through a number of guiding principles and themes:

  • Enable sustainable living with planning and design choices that create opportunities for residents to live within the capacity of one planet while making sustainable living easy, practical, attractive and affordable.
  • Enable quality of life with planning and design decisions that enhance well-being and social interaction in the built environment.
  • Foster sustainable living by engaging the community to create a program of initiatives and activities that influence popular attitudes and encourage change towards sustainable behaviours.
  • Foster quality of life by engaging the community in a range of social programs that will build social sustainability and ensure a healthy, connected, supportive environment for its residents for years to come.

Emerald Hills Urban Village was chosen as the first project to apply the SuN LIVING approach which provides the methodology for implementing sustainability and sustainable living concepts.To learn more about this approach, the SuN LIVING publication is available for purchase at Planning and Development Services.

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